Custom Coaster Calendars

With a new year around the corner people are thinking calendars.  While prefabricated roller coaster calendars are readily available, there’s something infinitely more special about a custom calendar featuring photos that you yourself took.  It brings back fond memories because you were there and the images are therefore very personal.  Every year I create a custom coaster wall calendar through on...[Read More]

Have Amusement Parks Gone Too Far in Imposing Restrictions for Ride Safety?

The Importance of Ride Safety Ride safety is obviously a top priority for amusement/theme parks.  There have been numerous instances of loose articles on rides hitting riders and causing personal injury, with cell phones being the primary culprits.   Although I’ve never seen anyone get hurt I’ve witnessed several incidents during which unsecured items came flying off El Toro and seen the paraphern...[Read More]

The Disneyland Encyclopedia Updated Third Edition by Chris Strodder

Chris Strodder has written another must-have book for Disney fans. His third edition of The Disneyland Encyclopedia has been updated with dozens of new entries and 300 new photos. The book covers the entire history of the park, from its opening in 1955 to the present day. Everything You’d Ever Want to Know About Disneyland In all, the book has 600 Disneyland topics, including lands, attracti...[Read More]

Kyle Lindner’s Otherworldly Roller Coaster Artwork

Kyle Lindner writes at Coaster101 and is also a graphic designer and photographer. He’s put a neat twist on roller coaster and theme park photography with his chromoskedasic prints. As you’ll see the pictures have a really unique look with a style that goes way beyond your typical roller coaster photos. Kyle explained to me how these prints are made: They’re called chromoskedasic...[Read More]

The Disneyland Book of Lists Review

Fans of Disneyland will enjoy Chris Strodder’s impressive Disneyland Book of Lists. It includes almost 250 lists about the park from every topic imaginable. There’s enough information in this book to create several seasons of a Disneyland trivia show. I was provided a copy of the book for this review. It’s safe to say if there’s anything you’d want to know about the p...[Read More]

Coasters 101 by Nick Weisenberger | Book Review

While I’ve been a fan of roller coasters for close to twenty years, I wouldn’t claim to be an expert on how they work and how they’re designed. I’ve studied construction photos and viewed roller coaster documentaries like the next coaster fan, but that doesn’t begin to really get into how these modern thrill machines are born. Thankfully, Nick Weisenberger’s new...[Read More]

American Coasters by Thomas Crymes | Book Review

My last roller coaster photography book is more than a decade old now, so I was excited to check out Thomas Crymes new book: American Coasters: A Thrilling Photographic Ride. I was provided a copy of the book for this review. American Coasters covers roller coasters at 12 major American theme parks. They are: Cedar Point, Knoebels, Six Flags New England, Carowinds, Six Flags America, Kennywood, Bu...[Read More]

What’s Your Trusty Theme Park Gear?

How Do You Suit Up for Theme Park Trips? Are there things that you always have with you when you embark on a theme park trip? I thought about it and there are a few things that I always have with me. My Kodak digital camera has been through a lot. I have to say it’s held up well. I got it for Christmas 2002. It still works, but we have much better cameras now. And, if I don’t think I&#...[Read More]

Win An “Eat Sleep Ride” T-Shirt

Win An Eat Sleep Ride T-Shirt I’m kicking off my first ever t-shirt giveaway. You can win one of my custom designed Eat Sleep Ride T-Shirts. It’s easy. To enter the giveaway: 1. Like my Facebook page 2. Join Theme Park Hype 3. Submit an entry via my contact form with your name on Facebook and your user name on Theme Park Hype I’ll do a random drawing next week and announce the wi...[Read More]

Holiday Gifts for Roller Coaster Fans

Looking for a gift for the roller coaster fan in your life? Are you a coaster enthusiast that can’t think of anything you want for the holidays? You’ve come to the right place! I started creating the t-shirts this past Spring when I realized there weren’t very many cool custom roller coaster t’s out there. They either had a web address plastered across the front or looked l...[Read More]

Top 3 Theme Park Souvenirs

No trip to a theme park is complete without that trip to the souvenir shop on the way out. You’ve got to pick something up that will remind of your great day at the park. How about a t-shirt reminding you that you survived The Beast or a stuffed animal to take the place of the one that you couldn’t win. Here are my Top 3 Theme Park Souvenirs in no particular order: Shot Glasses I have ...[Read More]

Rye Playland Book Review

Book Chronicles Playland Park’s Rich HistoryLocated on the shores of the Long Island Sound, about 45 minutes from New York City, there’s an amusement park that’s been a summer getaway for 80 years. Katherine W. Burke’s new book Playland chronicles the rich history of the park. With a plethora of black and white photos readers are taken from the park’s humble beginning...[Read More]

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