Cotton Candy vs Funnel Cake | Theme Park Treat Showdown

One thing we love to do at amusement parks is eat treats. There are foods that we don’t normally encounter in our normal day-to-day that are forever tied to amusement parks. Two of the most popular theme park treats have to be cotton candy and funnel cake (also known as fried dough). I don’t think these two need much of an introduction. I could list the nutritional value of each for yo...[Read More]

Log Flume vs Shoot the Chute | Water Ride Showdown

After hours of walking around an amusement park on a hot summer day, who doesn’t like to cool off? Water rides like log flumes and shoot the chutes are rides that appeal to a wide range of guests. [one_half]Log Flume Rides Once staples of the amusement parks everywhere, these rides have become more and more rare (See Where Have All the Log Flumes Gone?). On these rides, passengers sit in hol...[Read More]

Six Flags vs Cedar Fair | Theme Park Showdown

Six Flags and Cedar Fair are the two largest theme park chains in North America in terms of the number of parks they operate.¬†For easy reference, I’ve included lists of the parks in the two chains: [one_half]Six Flags[/one_half][one_half_last]Cedar Fair[/one_half_last] Which of these theme park chains do you prefer? Six Flags or Cedar Fair? Vote below by clicking on one of the images and you...[Read More]

Go Karts vs SkyCoasters | Up-charge Ride Showdown

Many theme parks offer attractions that have an additional cost on top of park admission. These are known as up-charge rides. The cost varies, but my local park Carowinds charges Skycoasters – 3, 2, 1, Fly! Skycoasters (called Xtreme Skyflyer at some Cedar Fair parks) are those tall steel arches that lift riders via a set of cables. Once they’ve reached the top, they pull the cord and ...[Read More]

Sky Rides vs Trains | Theme Park Showdowns

Trains and sky rides have been moving guests around theme parks for years. For larger parks they make getting around much, much easier offering a break from all the walking while also providing spectacular views of the park. Sky rides are the two person benches or larger “buckets” that ride along a wire above the park. They have become less common, but a few parks that I know still hav...[Read More]

The Peanuts vs The Looney Tunes | Theme Park Showdowns

Both Six Flags and Cedar Fair cater to their youngest guests with separate children’s areas offering kiddie rides and more gentle family rides. These areas have a Looney Tunes theme (Bugs Bunny, Tweetie, Daffy Duck, etc.) at the Six Flags parks and a Peanuts theme (Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock, etc) at the Cedar Fair Parks. The rides carry names like Lucy’s Crabbie Cabbie and Road ...[Read More]

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