Debating the Top Wooden Roller Coasters on The Season Pass Podcast

I joined Doug Barnes of The Season Pass Podcast and Arthur from The Theme Park Guide for a new edition of The Seasoned Pros List Show. This time, we discuss (and debate!) our Top 10 Wooden Roller Coasters. Our special guest for this episode was Robert Coker author of the popular book Roller Coasters: A Thrill Seeker’s Guide to the Ultimate Scream Machines and of ...[Read More]

What Are Your Favorite Theme Park Websites?

For this addition of Coaster Questions, I thought I’d ask which theme park websites are your favorite. Below, I’ll list the sites that I frequent most often (in no particular order). There are a lot of good sites out there that I really like, but again, these are just the ones that I visit most often. Roller Coaster Database This one should be a no-brainer. But in case you’re new...[Read More]

Now Hiring for Hype

Theme Park Hype – Social Link & News Sharing Site I could use some help running Theme Park Hype. It’s a social link and news sharing site that I launched last year. At Hype, people can submit theme park-related news, links to sites, videos, and pretty much anything that they think other fans would be interested in. While it takes just a little work to manage  I still underestimated...[Read More]

Theme Park Geekly Returns With Joel from

Issue 2 of Theme Park Geekly is Live This issue features an in-depth interview with Joel Rogers from Joel shares his experiences running the site that now has more than 3,000 roller coaster photos. Also, since he’s a pilot, I asked him to compare flying to riding roller coasters. The Debut of the Seasoned Pros List Show I’ll be joining Doug, creator of The Season Pa...[Read More]

Theme Park Geekly Launches with Lance from Screamscape & the Best Halloween Haunts

I’m sure that you’ve noticed that I haven’t been posted on the blog in quite some time. Tonight, you can finally see what I’ve been up to. My new theme park community magazine, Theme Park Geekly, is now live! It sounds weird to call it mine. While I created it, organized it, and edited the articles it has been my biggest joint project ever. The site is truly a community pro...[Read More]

The Coaster Doodler

Recently, I came across the Coaster Doodler. Brody Rose sketches roller coasters onto images in issues of the local DC newspaper, The Express. During his 40 minute subway commute, he finds an image that catches his attention and he integrates a roller coaster in a variety of ways. Sometimes he puts the people in the images on coasters trains and other times he has coaster track weaving in and out ...[Read More]

This Fall, The Geeks Cometh….

Coming This Fall – Theme Park Geekly: Community Magazine Site As I was developing the idea for Theme Park Hype earlier this year, another idea was born during a Twitter discussion with Jake from Coasterdom. In another effort to provide something fresh and new, I’m going to launch an online community magazine for theme park fans called Theme Park Geekly. A Magazine Like actual print mag...[Read More]

2012 Attractions Watch

2012 Attraction & Roller Coaster Announcements Are Coming Soon Is Dollywood building the country’s first B&M wing rider? What will be Verbolten’s top speed? Will Hersheypark be able to boast Pennsylvania’s tallest roller coaster? Does this new teaser image (pictured to the left) for Carowinds 2012 attraction a hint that a WindSeeker is in the park’s future? For answ...[Read More]

Theme Park Hype is Live!

Theme Park Hype – Social Link & News Sharing for Theme Park Fans My new website Theme Park Hype has officially launched. If you’ve missed all of the hype that I’ve created around the project here’s a synopsis. Actually, I’m in such a silly, sleep deprived mood that I’m going to quote myself here: … it will be a social link sharing site (known as social...[Read More]

Theme Park Hype Is Coming to a Browser Near You

Theme Park Hype – Social Link & News Sharing for Theme Park Fans Today I’m announcing the details of my new site, Theme Park Hype. When it launches next month it will be a social link sharing site (known as social bookmarking) like digg or reddit. It’ll be an online community where you’ll be able to discover, share, discuss, and vote on theme park-related links. Not Jus...[Read More]

Top 3 Ideas for New Theme Park Websites

There are a lot of great theme park websites out there, but it seems like there’s not a lot of innovation. Theme park sites could definitely borrow some fresh ideas from the rest of the Web. For this special Saturday edition of Top 3 Thursdays (see, it’s not really late it’s just a special edition) I’m going to list three types of theme park fan sites that I’d like to...[Read More]

Announcing Theme Park Syndicate’s New Link Directory

Explore the Theme Park Webiverse! Today I’m [re]launching a new web site link directory on Theme Park Syndicate. Long time readers will remember these pages from Coaster Portal. I’m not out to set the World on fire with this addition. This re-launch is probably akin to the Medusa-Bizarro conversion or maybe more like X-Flight-Firehawk as far as comparisons to coaster re-theming go. I c...[Read More]

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