Top 3 Thursdays

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Top 3 Inverted Coasters

The Best Inverted CoastersFor my final Top 3 Thursday of the '06 season I'll be counting down the best inverted coasters. Over the past decade these looping steel creations have found a permanent place in the ... Read More...
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Top 3 Hyper Coasters

The Best to Come Out of the Hyper Coaster EraThe popularity of Magnum XL-200, which opened it 1989, kicked off a revolution in the theme park industry. What was known as the 'Coaster Arms Race' began as parks a... Read More...
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Top 3 Launch Coasters

Top 3 Launch CoastersThose clickety-clack chain lifts are a thing of the past. In case you haven't been to a theme park in a decade or so, there's a new way to power coasters. Launch Coasters also known as Rock... Read More...