Koch Family Buys Former Alabama Adventure

Last month, Koch Family Parks, purchased Splash Adventure and its former amusement park area Alabama Adventure. Dan Koch referenced 5 year plans that include saving one of my all-time favorite woodies Rampage. Dan Koch, president of Splash Adventure, said in an interview today he wants to bring back the Rampage wooden rollercoaster that was once the focal point of the park and garnered national ac...[Read More]

POV Monday – Helix at Liseberg

Swedish park Liseberg just opened a massive terrain looper called Helix, and it looks awesome! The Mack-designed coaster features seven loops including two corkscrews, a Norwegian loop, a zero-g roll, a top hat – inside, and an in-line twist. There are also two launches throughout the ride’s hilly course and even what look to be an airtime hill or two. Watch a POV video of Helix at Lis...[Read More]

Wordless Wednesday | That Guy in the Front Seat Looks Blue

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POV Monday – Kumba at Busch Gardens Tampa

For the site’s final POV Monday, I thought it’d be fitting to finish with Kumba. While many taller, faster, and more twisted roller coasters have come along since Kumba opened, it is still my all-time favorite looping roller coasters. Designers Bolliger & Mabillard really created a masterpiece from a pacing standpoint and Busch Gardens Tampa supplied a picturesque tropical backdro...[Read More]

POV Monday – The Smiler at Alton Towers

The Smiler at Alton Towers opened in 2013 boasting the most loops of any roller coaster on the planet, with an insane 14 inversions. Video Highlights While I’m not sure how much I’d enjoy being flipped upside-down 14 times, I think that the head-chopper moments look like fun. At a few moments during the ride, it looks like you come within feet of that large marmaliser structure. For mo...[Read More]

Free? This Must Be a Trick

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The Seasoned Pros List Show

New Podcast Series from The Season Pass Podcast Creator Tune in to The Seasoned Pros List Show. It’s a new podcast sub-series from Doug Barnes of The Season Pass Podcast. Each episode, Doug will be joined by Arthur Levine from About Theme Parks and Joel Bullock from The Coaster Critic’s Blog. The Seasoned Pros will discuss, and sometimes debate, their top lists (like top steel roller c...[Read More]

About Theme Park Geekly

Theme Park Geekly is an online community magazine where readers can expect interesting and engaging content from every corner of the theme park fan spectrum. A Magazine Like actual print magazines, this site does not focus on breaking news or even not-so breaking news. It will focus solely on in-depth editorials and opinion pieces, interviews of interesting people you’ve likely never heard from, a...[Read More]

Coaster Critic’s Blog to be Redesigned for ’09

Coming Soon: CCB Version 3.0While the current design is only 9 months old, I’m going to completely overhaul the blog over the next month. The redesign will include a migration from Blogger to WordPress. Blogger’s been good to me, but I need some of the advantages of a full-fledged web site while still having the ability to do blog posts. I hope to launch the new site on New Year’...[Read More]

The Kevin & Nate Show Returns

Coasterdom’s Podcast Returns & Brings the FunnyThe Kevin & Nate Show is one of my favorite podcasts. Kevin Toth and Nate Nagele from the long-running theme park blog Coasterdom recap the biggest stories in the amusement industry. They hadn’t had a show since May so it was great to hear the guys again. During the 58 minute show straight man Kevin and jokester Nate basically do a...[Read More]

The Next Generation of Wooden Roller Coasters

The Next Generation of Wooden Roller Coasters – Part INot Your Father’s Wooden Roller CoastersFrom my early riding experiences at Kings Dominion on wooden staples like the old-school racing coaster Rebel Yell, I would use two words to describe wooden roller coasters. Rough and boring. Of course some woodies were more enjoyable than others, but I think overall I didn’t appreciate ...[Read More]

Vote Mark Shapiro For President?

Cheezonastick Supports Six Flags CEO Mark Shapiro for President?The guys over at Cheezonastick are asking you to vote today, for Mark Shapiro. To be honest I’m not really sure if the guys are spoofing Mark Shapiro’s reign as Six Flags CEO or are in support of it. Check out the Shapiro-Snyder ’08 campaign site and decide for yourself. Either way, the ballot is pretty funny. You ca...[Read More]

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