Rumor – B&M’s First 4D Coaster Could be in China or Spain

I recently received a rather interesting (You)Report from an international reader. I decided not to post the entire submission as it has appeared somewhere else already. Google’s not a fan of duplicate content. Anyway, it was about B&M’s development of a 4th dimension roller coaster. We’ve already heard that the company may some day evolve their wing coaster designs into a 4D...[Read More]

America’s Highest Roller Coaster Opens at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Glenwood Springs, CO now has the record of the “Roller Coaster with the Highest Elevation in the U.S. The coaster sits at over 7100 feet above sea level and it just opened for the season this past week. Their coaster, known as The Cliffhanger, was once known as the Thunderbolt in Branson MO’s Celebration City park. Glenwood Caverns is located on I-70,...[Read More]

Shambhala @ Port Aventura | (You)Report Review

Shambhala, the new roller coaster in Port Aventura opened a few days ago, on the 12th of May. As I expected it was smooth and provided large amounts of airtime. The first drop in the back was great and the tunnel was a nice head-chopper. The speedhill (which is the mini-camel) produces a great amount of air, I would call it ejector in contrast to the floater air in the camelbacks, and the splash w...[Read More]

Insane Coaster Wars Coming to the Travel Channel

Insane Coaster Wars to Debut this Summer on the Travel Channel Summer is almost here, so we can expect to see more theme parks on cable TV again. This year, the Travel Channel is debuting Insane Coaster Wars. The show will pit the country’s best roller coasters against each other in 6 different categories. Insane Coaster Wars will add an interactive twist as fans can visit their site and vot...[Read More]

Is Knott’s Berry Farm Adding a Hyper or Giga Coaster?

Rumors of a Hyper/Giga Roller Coaster for Knott’s Berry Farm Resurface as the Park Clears Land According to a recent Screamscape update about Knotts Berry Farm’s yearly Halloween event Knotts Scary Farm, land has been cleared to build a rumored mega/hyper coaster. Again, just a rumor, but cross your fingers. Supporting Link: Screamscape This (You)Report was submitted by Marcos WhatR...[Read More]

The Swarm is Coming to Thorpe Park in 2012

While I’ve written about Thorpe Park’s LC12 as it was named, I haven’t re-visited the project since it received an official name and more information has emerged. This excellent (You)Report from ‘across the pond’ breaks down the ride in greater detail. Thorpe Park has released a trailer advertising its new 2012 coaster. Re-named ‘The Swarm’ after its tease...[Read More]

Reviews of the WindSeekers & SkyScreamers

Tower Rides Rule the Skies in the Summer of 2011 This year, a number of towering swing rides debuted at theme parks across the continent. WindSeekers debuted at four Cedar Fair parks: Canada’s Wonderland, Cedar Point, Kings Island, and Knott’s Berry Farm. They’re identical (I think) 301′ tall swing rides that spin riders at 30 mph. And, Six Flags installed two similar high altitude swings in...[Read More]

Takabisha at Fuji-Q Highland – Test Video

Takabisha is a new Euro-Fighter opening at Fuji-Q Highland in Yamanashi, Japan. This is the largest Gerstlauer coaster ever. It features a 121 degree drop that is so steep that it counts as another inversion! The ride includes a launch, a vertical lift, 7 inversions, plus more! This looks like it may be the best Euro-Fighter yet. Supporting Link:[Read More]

Bon Temps Theme Park Proposed for Louisiana

A reader submitted a story about a new proposed theme park for Louisiana. Developers are hoping to open Bon Temps Family Theme Park in the Houma, LA area which is about an hour away from New Orleans. It’s very, very early, but I’m always excited to see even the possibility of a new theme park. Especially with all of the comments readers have left on the Katrina/Six Flags New Orleans an...[Read More]

Intamin’s 12 Inversion Roller Coaster

It looks like Intamin has made a design for a roller coaster with 12 inversions. It appears to have some elements that are featured on their 10 inversion coasters, Fahrenheit, and the Mega-Lite coasters. The order of the inversions would be: Norwegian Loop Cobra Roll Vertical Loop Four Corkscrews Three Heartline Rolls There are also a few airtime hills mixed in. Supporting Link See more in this In...[Read More]

Kings Island’s New Dinosaurs Alive! Attraction

Other than Windseeker, Kings Island is opening their own version of Jurrassic Park in 2011! It will be all animatronic dinos in Dinosaurs Alive! opening May 26, 2011. The attraction will feature: “more than 60 life-sized dinosaurs including 56 animatronic models, in an outdoor Jurassic forest setting”. Supporting Link See more images and learn more about Dinosaurs Alive! at Kings Islan...[Read More]

Worker Dies After Accident at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Sunday afternoon, a 52-year -old maintenance worker was killed while working on The Primeavil Whirl, a lightly themed, mild, spinning roller coaster at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The cause of the accident is not known, but The Orange County Seriff Department (of Florida) knows that he died from a blow to the head. The worker’s name was Russel Sherry Roscoe. Supporting Link: More at: Fox ...[Read More]

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