Coaster Critic Finally Meets The Beast

Meteorologists Don’t Fail Me NowI’m planning on making a return trip to Kings Island. Hopefully this time I’ll get into the park. On my attempted visit in April of ’05, a fluke snow storm caused the park to shut down. So I went to movie theater across the street and watched Kung Fu Hustle. Not a bad substitute, but not really what I expected. I’ve been itching to get ...[Read More]

Griffon @ Busch Gardens Europe | Roller Coaster Reviews

Busch Gardens Europe’s Griffon Soars Busch Gardens Europe has unveiled their first new roller coaster since 1999. The long-awaited addition, introduces America’s second dive coaster. With SheiKra, at sister park Busch Gardens Africa, being the first. I rode SheiKra not long after it opened in 2005 and I was a little underwhelmed. So, I was nervous when my favorite park announced it was...[Read More]

Maverick: Open For Business

Maverick Survives Heart SurgeryCedar Point’s blog OnPoint! has reported that Maverick is finally open. The opening was delayed due to modifications that needed to be made to the track. Now it’s clear that one of the inversions was removed, much to the disappointment of enthusiasts. The heartline roll was replaced with an s-curve section of track. In my opinion the heartline roll appear...[Read More]

Maverick + Delayed = Thousands Weep

Cedar Point Delays Maverick’s OpeningSad news came out of Sandusky this week for all of those CP Fanatics. Maverick, the park’s 17th rollercoaster won’t be opening on time. Based on the test runs, the ride’s designers have decided that three sections of steel track need to be replaced. As a result, Maverick’s opening has been pushed back to early June. Thousands of en...[Read More]

Top 3 International Roller Coasters for 2007

Top 3 International Coasters Debuting in 2007America debuts amazing new roller coasters every year, but it’s not really accurate to say the U.S. is on the cutting edge in coaster design anymore. This Thursday I’m going to countdown the three biggest roller coasters to debut oversees in 2007. Troy at ToverlandSevenum, NetherlandsGreat Coasters International is designing a wooden coaster...[Read More]

2007 Roller Coaster Preview

Last year the amusement industry was buzzing about Holiday World’s Voyage and Animal Kingdom’s Expedition Everest. More than 80 new roller coasters will open this year. With the 2007 season underway, it’s time to preview the most anticipated roller coasters that will debut this year. Maverick: The Coaster Capital Strikes Again Cedar Point, the self-proclaimed roller coaster capit...[Read More]

Mystery Mine @ Dollywood Reviews

Early Reviews of Dollywood’s Mystery Mine Roller Coaster A correspondent from ThrillNetwork was on-hand for the official opening day of Mystery Mine. In case you’re out of the loop, Mystery Mine is Dollywood’s new heavily-themed looping roller coaster. Careful, this feature has spoilers and will likely take some of the mystery out of the ride. If you want to be completely surpris...[Read More]

Infusion @ Black Pool Pleasure Beach

Infusion | Black Pool’s New-ish Coaster Goes for Water Record? Like Wipeout, 2007 will bring another new-ish coaster to the Brits as Black Pool will open Infusion. Black Pool Pleasure Beach is located in the UK and is home to the famous Arrow hyper coaster Pepsi Max Big One. Infusion is a Vekoma inverted coaster that was formerly Traumatizer at Pleasureland South Port. Vekoma SLC’s are...[Read More]

Top 3 Most Anticipated Coasters of 2007

The Most Anticipated Roller Coasters of 2007 2006 was all about Voyage and Expedition Everest, although later on El Toro and Goliath (Six Flags Over Georgia) got some attention too. This Thurday, I’m counting down the most anticipated coasters of the Class of 2007. 3 – Mystery Mine at Dollywood Dolly’s new steel looper will help to solidify Dollywood as a must visit destination f...[Read More]

Starliner @ Cypress Gardens | Construction Photos

Cypress Gardens Prepares Starliner for 2007 SeasonJohnnyUpsideDown has posted construction photos of Cypress Gardens’ new wooden roller coaster, the Starliner. In its previous life it was located at the Miracle Strip Amusement Park in Panama City, FL. It was located at the Miracle Strip from 1963 to 2004. Starliner will be the park’s sixth coaster. Starliner joins a collection of famil...[Read More]

Griffon Testing Video | Busch Gardens Europe

Get a First Look at the Griffon in has posted the first live video of Griffon in action. Watch the test video below set to Foo Fighters. The ride dummies seem to be enjoying it: Griffon will be only the second dive coaster in the U.S. It will feature a 205 foot (twenty stories) drop at a 90 degree angle, two inversions (loops), and a water splash section. It will be the first di...[Read More]

Sierra Sidewinder Spins Into Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm Gets a Family Roller CoasterSmall family-friendly coasters with spinning cars are definitely en vogue right now. Six Flags has two Tony Hawk Big Spin coasters opening this year. One at Six Flags St. Louis and one at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Now, Knott’s Berry Farm located in Buena Park, California, will open Sierra Sidewinder this spring. “It will not only take ...[Read More]

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