Led Zeppelin Re-Themed as The Time Machine

Freestyle Music Park has re-themed Led Zeppelin The Ride as The Time Machine. The park’s signature looping roller coaster features 6 loops, a maximum height of 155 feet and a top speed of 65 mph. The Time Machine will take riders on a musical journey through the last five decades. Towering more than 150 feet into the sky, the looping, steel roller coaster features a high fidelity, on-board a...[Read More]

2008 Theme Park Year In Review

Class of 2008 – Roller Coasters That Debuted This Year As predicted in my Top 10 New Roller Coasters for 2008, my top pick Ravine Flyer 2 opened to many positive reviews and it landed at 8 on my Top 10. Read my full review. I’m looking forward to seeing how it fairs in Mitch’s ’08 Coaster Poll next month. Canada’s Wonderland’s Behemoth also received a lot of pro...[Read More]

Michigan’s Adventure Photos

Loyal reader Judy P in Pgh, sent in these photos from her trip to Michigan’s Adventure in Muskegon. New for 2008, the park unveiled the relocated inverted coaster Thunderhawk from Geauga Lake. Michigan’s Adventures’ signature ride is Shivering Timbers. It’s a massive wooden coaster that boasts almost 5,400 feet of track. Check out these photos that Judy took on her trip: Ha...[Read More]

Ravine Flyer II @ Waldameer Park | Coaster Reviews

Ravine Flyer II: An Impressive World-Class Wooden CoasterI’d been excited for Ravine Flyer II since I learned about it last winter. It’s the product of 15 years of work, planning, and local politics. The Gravity Group designed hybrid woodie was my top pick for the new coasters opening in 2008. The New York Times even quoted me when I dubbed it the “Sleeper Hit of 2008”. So ...[Read More]

OCC MotoCoaster @ Darien Lake | Coaster Reviews

MotoCoaster Marks New Era for De-Flagged Darien Lake On my recent trip to Darien Lake, near Buffalo, NY, I was happy to see that the park is thriving post-Six Flags. PARC Management, the new operators, have the park hitting on all cylinders. They even invested in a first-of-its kind motorcycle-themed launch coaster in the Orange County Choppers MotoCoaster. Darien Lake did a great job tying in the...[Read More]

Evel Knievel @ Six Flags St. Louis Opens

Daring New GCI Woodie Debuts at Six Flags St. LouisToday, Six Flags St. Louis’ opened its ninth roller coaster with the debut of Evel Knievel. The Great Coaster International woodie was my #4 pick for the Top New Roller Coasters of 2008. Knievel’s a clone, but in this case that’s a good thing. It’s based on Thunderbird at PowerPark in Finland, which came ranked 10th on the ...[Read More]

Steel Hawg Looks Loco!

El Loco Indeed | Indiana Beach’s Steel Hawg Takes ShapeOne of the most anticipated roller coasters of the year is taking form in Indiana. As I said shortly after the initial announcement, Indiana Beach’s Steel Hawg has eye-popping inversions that border on “I didn’t know that was possible.” If they can pull it off, Indiana Beach may just have a landmark roller coaster...[Read More]

Led Zeppelin – The Ride Review @ Hard Rock Park

Hard Rock Park’s Headliner Doesn’t DisappointLed Zeppelin: The Ride is the headliner in Hard Rock Park’s ride lineup. Creating a great new rock-themed park is a draw, but nothing catches the eye of would-be visitors like a flashy new looping roller coaster. To that end, Led Zeppelin delivers a thrilling roller coaster that does an excellent job incorporating the music of a legend...[Read More]

X2 Opens at Magic Mountain

X2 Officially (Re)Opens at Six Flags Magic Mountain Rob Alvey from ThemeParkReview was at Six Flags Magic Mountain’s X2 Media Day. X2 is the much anticipated ‘remix’ of X, the world’s first 4th dimension coaster. I smell another Coasterology 101 post. Six Flags promised the special effects and new trains would really add to the experience. According to Rob, it sounds like t...[Read More]

Slippery When Wet Review | Hard Rock Park

Slippery When Wet at Hard Rock Park | Coaster ReviewsIn the heart of Hard Rock Park lies one the park’s few attractions that incorporate water. Slippery When Wet (likely named after the Bon Jovi album) is a suspended coaster designed by Premier Rides. It is similar to Carowinds Flying Super Saturator and Hersheypark’s Roller Soaker. Each car holds four riders, two facing frontward and ...[Read More]

Dominator Opens at Kings Dominion

Dominator Reigns Over Kings DominionRecently Dominator opened at Kings Dominion. ThemeParkReview has a message board thread with photos from media day. Check out the photos here. I’m glad Dominator found a new home at my old home park. All those Northern Virginians that I couldn’t convince to travel the extra hour south to Busch Gardens will finally get to experience some B&M great...[Read More]

Dark Knight Coaster Opens @ Great Adventure

A First Look at Dark Knight @ Six Flags Great AdventureSix Flags Great Adventure’s Dark Knight coaster is open for business. After viewing the press video that Six Flags posted on YouTube, I have to say that my prediction was right! Dark Knight’s not a groundbreaking, ultra thrill-ride, but it will be great for families and a wider age group than more intense coasters. Six Flags has re...[Read More]

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