Do You Like Seeing Hyper Coasters and Giga Coasters at the Same Park?

Cedar Fair’s Recipe: A Hyper-Giga One Two Punch Hyper coasters and giga coasters represent two of the more popular steel roller coasters over the past few decades. Hyper coasters reach a height or have a drop of 200 to 299 feet and giga coasters reach a height of or have a drop of 300 to 399 feet. Way back when I reported on the announcement of giga coaster Leviathan at Canada’s Wonder...[Read More]

Showdown: Batman:The Ride vs. Raptor

Overview What these two have in common is that they’re B&M (Bolliger & Mabillard) inverted coasters.  Batman has been cloned numerous times, with installations at half a dozen Six Flags parks.  I’ve ridden the original at Six Flags Great America and a clone at Six Flags Great Adventure so am basing my observations on those experiences and more specifically, the installation at Great Advent...[Read More]

Review: Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point

It has been exciting watching the construction of Steel Vengeance as it transformed. From a lame-duck, once record-breaking wooden roller coaster, the former Mean Streak has come out of it’s wooden and steel cocoon to be reborn as a stunning and acrobatic-looking predator. Certainly no butterfly, Steel Vengeance appears to have been fed off of the intense energy and longing of the enthusiast...[Read More]

Our Most Unusual Roller Coaster Experiences

With hundreds of roller coaster rides under our collective belts, we thought it’d be fun to share our most unusual roller coaster experiences. We figured since we’ve visited as many parks and strapped in to ride roller coasters as many times as we had, there’d be some odd experiences we could share. Just in time for April Fool’s Day, here are a few of those experiences. Get...[Read More]

Why Not Go Rogue?

Actually, maybe rogue is the wrong word. Why offend, if you would really just want to go your own way? Perhaps, you are more of a maverick. This 2007 Intamin terrain-hugging LSM launch coaster has been the wildest part of Frontier Town at Cedar Point, and it seems plenty happy to have gone a separate way from Mean Streak. Instead of becoming rougher and less confidence-inspiring over the years, Ma...[Read More]

Why Not Take a Dive?

Opened in 2016, Valravn at Cedar Point is the world’s tallest Bolliger & Mabillard Dive Machine roller coaster.  Only 1 of 3 Dive Machines in the U.S., Valravn was a welcome and thrilling new edition nearer to the front of the park.  With a 217 foot drop and a top speed of 75 mph, Valravn captured the crown from Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Griffon with its greater height and speed...[Read More]

Why Not Revolt?

Ok, ok, I don’t mean revolt as in acting out because you don’t want to actually ride this brute.  Rather, I merely want to point out that the Corkscrew at Cedar Point was themed in honor of our nation’s Bicentennial when it opened in 1976. The first roller coaster with three inversions, Corkscrew also claimed, by just a few days, the first modern vertical loop on a roller coaster...[Read More]

Why Not Go Floorless?

If you enjoy the feeling of having your feet dangling freely, but don’t care for the reduced visibility of overhead track on inverted rides, perhaps floorless coasters like Rougarou are the thing for you. These models are exclusively produced by B&M and can be seen all over the world; though the ride stats vary from tall + long + fast (Kraken at SeaWorld Orlando) to shorter + slower (Hyd...[Read More]

Our Favorite Ride Experiences of 2017

Before we look forward to the upcoming theme park season, we thought it’d be fun to take one more look back at our favorite ride experiences of 2017. The Smiler at Alton Towers Surprisingly, my favorite ride experience of 2017 was not on one of the awesome RMC (Rocky Mountain Construction) coasters – Wicked Cyclone and Lightning Rod – that I rode for the first time. It was on a coaster...[Read More]

Why Sit When You Can Stand Up?

That was a question a few roller coaster designers in the 1980s and 1990s asked.  However, the stand up roller coaster seems to be slowly fading away with several parks dismantling & selling theirs or, in the case of Mantis at Cedar Point, converting it to a Floorless Coaster. So What’s Your Take? Have you ridden a standup roller coaster?  Have you ridden one that’s been converted ...[Read More]

Why Not Get Some Hangtime?

Why not get some hangtime on Cedar Point’s guardian, GateKeeper?  Opened in 2013, GateKeeper claimed several records, including the world’s highest inversion at 170 ft. What’s your take? Have you ridden GateKeeper?  What is your favorite or least favorite aspect of this huge Bolliger & Mabillard Wing Coaster?

CoasterCritics’ Picks: Our 15 Worst Roller Coaster Experiences

Our Most Regrettable Roller Coaster Experiences Like other hobbies, riding roller coasters has its mountaintop experiences. Those unforgettable, glorious, mind-blowing rides that make other rides pale in comparison. As a group, we came up with our picks for these rides. In case you missed it, see what we consider the 10 best roller coasters in America. What makes those rides so special is that we ...[Read More]

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