Why Roller Coasters Make Us Scream Infographic

A few months ago, I was contacted by the Washington Post to help out with an article in their Health & Science section. The article looks at the forces that are in play when we ride roller coasters and also some current and possibly upcoming trends in the industry. The article was created by Bonnie Berkowitz and Laura Stanton. It appeared in the July 2nd edition of the print paper. Visit the ...[Read More]

Coaster Crew’s Haunt Event Weekend

I’ll be attending a Coaster Crew event this weekend. This Friday, October 17th through Sunday, October 19th Coaster Crew will be having their Haunt Event Weekend of Fright. Events differ by park, but they include: first access to roller coasters, behind-the-scenes ride tours, lights on tours of haunt mazes, a meal, discounts for fast lane fright lane passes, behind-the-scenes make-up tours, ...[Read More]

Two New Projects Coming in June

I’ve been posting a little less often in the past couple of weeks because I’ve been working feverishly in the lab on a few new projects. I’m excited to say that they’re both nearing completion. I won’t give exact announcement dates or break out the good old countdown timer, but I may be announcing one of them within the next week or so. If you’re a long-time rea...[Read More]

Insane Coaster Wars Coming to the Travel Channel

Insane Coaster Wars to Debut this Summer on the Travel Channel Summer is almost here, so we can expect to see more theme parks on cable TV again. This year, the Travel Channel is debuting Insane Coaster Wars. The show will pit the country’s best roller coasters against each other in 6 different categories. Insane Coaster Wars will add an interactive twist as fans can visit their site and vot...[Read More]

2 New Interactive Features for 2012

While there won’t be a full face-lift of the site like I typically do in the off-season, I have added two interactive features that should be fun. Ask Me Anything I’ve received a lot of questions over the years. Everything from the obvious favorite theme park and favorite coaster questions to questions about setting up websites. I found myself answering the same questions over and over...[Read More]

A Question for The Gravity Group

Upcoming Interview with The Gravity Group The Gravity Group has been kind enough to agree to an interview for Theme Park Geekly. I have a number of questions and a general theme for the interview but, I thought it’d be cool if one question could from my readers. I’m sure there are some really interesting questions that I just wouldn’t think to ask. So, submit question ideas in th...[Read More]

This Fall, The Geeks Cometh….

Coming This Fall – Theme Park Geekly: Community Magazine Site As I was developing the idea for Theme Park Hype earlier this year, another idea was born during a Twitter discussion with Jake from Coasterdom. In another effort to provide something fresh and new, I’m going to launch an online community magazine for theme park fans called Theme Park Geekly. A Magazine Like actual print mag...[Read More]

Win An “Eat Sleep Ride” T-Shirt

Win An Eat Sleep Ride T-Shirt I’m kicking off my first ever t-shirt giveaway. You can win one of my custom designed Eat Sleep Ride T-Shirts. It’s easy. To enter the giveaway: 1. Like my Facebook page 2. Join Theme Park Hype 3. Submit an entry via my contact form with your name on Facebook and your user name on Theme Park Hype I’ll do a random drawing next week and announce the wi...[Read More]

Check Me Out in Newsweek’s “The Scariest Summer”

The Daily Beast/Newsweek Cover “The Scariest Summer” – New Theme Park Rides Debuting This Year In Newsweek’s current issue, writer Chris Lee covers a handful of new attractions that debuted this year. They include Cheetah Hunt, Dare Devil Dive, and a few others. I was quoted in the section on Bay Beach Amusement Park’s Zippin Pippin. It was quite a thrill for me. If y...[Read More]

Mega Announcement Next Week!

UPDATE – The announcement has been made. Read all about Theme Park Hype Next week, look out for a massive announcement that I’m going to share on the blog. Like I said back in my 5 Year post, my upcoming projects won’t be shrouded in mystery and subterfuge like they have in the past. That’s mostly true as next week all (most everything) will be revealed. And in the coming w...[Read More]

5 Years of Theme Park Blogging & 5 Tips for New Bloggers

This weekend, The Coaster Critic’s Blog turns 5. I never would have thought that my little place on the Web for “One Enthusiast’s Opinions and Experiences” would have grown so much. Five years probably equates to 55 years in the blogging World as many websites  and blogs die off after only a short time.  Rather than just puff my chest out and list the site’s accomplis...[Read More]

2011 Theme Park Trips – Where Are You Headed?

Florida vs. Texas I had been looking to go back to Florida for my most anticipated roller coaster of 2011, Cheetah Hunt. But, while the trip would have had some high quality rides like my all-time favorite Kumba, Rip Ride Rockit, the Wizarding World, and re-rides on great coasters like Mummy, Montu, etc., the number of new rides would have been very low. Meanwhile, Texas will be packed with rides ...[Read More]

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