Busch Gardens Roller Coaster Tour Part 2: Griffon

Busch Gardens Roller Coaster Tour Part 2: Griffon After an in-depth look at Loch Ness Monster and two quick rides, the tour group headed over to Busch Gardens Europe’s newest roller coaster, Griffon.  There, the behind-the-scenes access was taken to a whole new level. The group split up into two smaller groups. One group went to Griffon’s maintenance area while the other took the twent...[Read More]

Kids Banned from Busch Gardens for Griffon Stunt

Stunt Results in 2 Year Ban from Busch Gardens EuropeTwo college kids were banned from Busch Gardens Europe after they were accused of tampering with the park’s new roller coaster, Griffon. One of them was stuck in his restraint holding up the line and the two full trains waiting to be unloaded. Meanwhile, the other taped the incident with his cell phone. Sounds innocent enough until Busch r...[Read More]

Griffon vs SheiKra | Roller Coaster Showdown

SheiKra vs. Griffon: Dive Coaster Showdown Comparisons between America’s two dive coasters, Busch Gardens Africa’s SheiKra and Busch Gardens Europe’s Griffon are inevitable. From the time Busch announced Griffon’s details enthusiasts the debate began. Theming Busch did an excellent job integrating Griffon into New France. The station, landscaping, and shops of were all comp...[Read More]

Griffon @ Busch Gardens Europe | Roller Coaster Reviews

Busch Gardens Europe’s Griffon Soars Busch Gardens Europe has unveiled their first new roller coaster since 1999. The long-awaited addition, introduces America’s second dive coaster. With SheiKra, at sister park Busch Gardens Africa, being the first. I rode SheiKra not long after it opened in 2005 and I was a little underwhelmed. So, I was nervous when my favorite park announced it was...[Read More]

Early Reviews of Griffon @ Busch Gardens Europe

Griffon Getting Some Early Props from Coaster EnthusiastsReviews are starting to surface as Griffon, Busch Gardens Europe’s new dive coaster, is now officially open. Over at ThemeParkCritic, it’s averaging an 8.4 with 7 reviews. As expected, the reviews are positive and range from 7’s to 10’s. Hopefully, I’ll get to experience Griffon for myself soon. The reviewers re...[Read More]

2007 Roller Coaster Preview

Last year the amusement industry was buzzing about Holiday World’s Voyage and Animal Kingdom’s Expedition Everest. More than 80 new roller coasters will open this year. With the 2007 season underway, it’s time to preview the most anticipated roller coasters that will debut this year. Maverick: The Coaster Capital Strikes Again Cedar Point, the self-proclaimed roller coaster capit...[Read More]

Top 3 Most Anticipated Coasters of 2007

The Most Anticipated Roller Coasters of 2007 2006 was all about Voyage and Expedition Everest, although later on El Toro and Goliath (Six Flags Over Georgia) got some attention too. This Thurday, I’m counting down the most anticipated coasters of the Class of 2007. 3 – Mystery Mine at Dollywood Dolly’s new steel looper will help to solidify Dollywood as a must visit destination f...[Read More]

Griffon Testing Video | Busch Gardens Europe

Get a First Look at the Griffon in ActionBGEscape.com has posted the first live video of Griffon in action. Watch the test video below set to Foo Fighters. The ride dummies seem to be enjoying it: Griffon will be only the second dive coaster in the U.S. It will feature a 205 foot (twenty stories) drop at a 90 degree angle, two inversions (loops), and a water splash section. It will be the first di...[Read More]

Griffon Construction Photos from Busch Gardens

New Griffon Construction Photos from Busch GardensBGEscape.com is on top of the Griffon’s development in the off-season. In case you haven’t heard, Busch Gardens Europe (formerly BG Williamsburg), is building the U.S.’s second diving coaster and the park’s first coaster in seven years. It will be similar to SheiKra at Busch’s sister park in Tampa, FL. Griffon will off...[Read More]

Busch Releases Griffon Coaster Details

Busch Gardens Europe (formerly Busch Gardens Williamsburg) located in Williamsburg, VA, has finally released details about its newest coaster. The coaster enthusiast community has been eagerly waiting for the details on the park’s first coaster in eight years. Busch Gardens Europe has a reputation of installing world-class coasters and some of the best-themed attractions for a seasonal park....[Read More]

Griffon to Soar Over Busch Gardens Europe

Details are starting to surface about Busch Gardens Europe’s (Williamsburg, VA) newest coaster in seven years. According to a trademark filed earlier this month, the new 200+ foot tall coaster could be named Griffon. According to Wikipedia, a Griffon is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. This fits with the park’s tradition in naming their c...[Read More]

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