Hobbit-Themed Area Could be Coming to Islands of Adventure

I came across an interesting rumor on Screamscape recently. Apparently there may be plans for a Hobbit-themed area at Islands of Adventure. And according to this article, Universal even used the success of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to convince the Tolkiens that they could create a successful project that’s true to the source material. Could Harry + Hobbits = Too Much Fantasy? I had...[Read More]

Cadillac CTS-V Measures G-Forces

Cadillac CTS-V Sports Car Measures G-Forces When talking to non-coaster fans (like friends, reporters, and TV producers) I’ve compared the forces you encounter while riding in a car to help describe some of the sensations you experience on roller coasters. My five year-old daughter, already a student of Coasterology, recently noted a brief moment of air time while riding in our Honda Odyssey...[Read More]

Featured Photo #27 = Wesley Snipes + Intamin

A ride to the top of Kings Dominion’s 305 foot tall Drop Tower: Scream Zone is quite a harrowing ascent even for a seasoned coaster vet like myself. There’s quite a difference between a roller coaster car and just seats with restraints. At the top, Drop Tower holds its ring of 56 seats for a few seconds. These few seconds seem like an eternity to first timers. Then, the bottom drops ou...[Read More]

Happy Roller Coaster Day 2011

Looking for that roller coaster with a gap in its loop from the YouTube Geek Week commercial? Check out this post: Loop Gap Roller Coaster: YouTube Geek Week Commercial [divider_line]Today is National Roller Coaster Day. On August 16, 1898, Edwin Prescott submitted a patent for a looping roller coaster. So, someone decided that today would be a great day to celebrate these great inventions. If you...[Read More]

Toyota Turns a Prius into a Roller Coaster

You’ve probably seen the Toyota commercial by now that features an interesting ‘What If’. It pontificates: “What if the energy generated from a braking roller coaster was used to power something?” The commercial features the Viper at Six Flags Magic Mountain by the way. Even though I skipped the Arrow looper while I was at the park I identified it right away. Anyway, ...[Read More]

A Michael Jackson Theme Park & Elvis’ Favorite Coaster to Reopen

The King and The King of Pop are still making the news. Albeit, theme park news this time. Elvis’ Favorite Roller Coaster – Zippin Pippin to Reopen in WI Allegedly, Zippin Pippin was at the top of Elvis’ Top 10 Coasters List. The Gravity Group, acclaimed designers of The Voyage & Ravine Flyer II are helping Bay Beach Amusement park in Green Bay Wisconsin re-build the Zippin P...[Read More]

Clash of the Titans Coaster Edition: Medusa vs. Kraken

Roller Coasters & Greek Mythology I saw the new Clash of the Titans remake over the weekend. Even a special effects laden action adventure movie couldn’t take me out of my roller coaster geekdom. Throughout the movie I was constantly reminded of the roller coasters that were named after these classical Greek gods and mythical creatures. A struggle between brothers Zeus and Hades was a ce...[Read More]

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