Theme Park Travel Odyssey 2009 Edition

2009 Theme Park Travel Odyssey Time to recap my 2009 theme park trips. This was a busy year with a number of interviews, media days, and fun theme park trips. I’m even going to include a lost trip that I don’t think I’ve referenced on the blog. From the warm tropic atmosphere of Orlando to the mean streets of Manhattan, my travels took me to 10 theme parks. But, it all started ba...[Read More]

Rye Playland Park Review

Rye Playland Park | Amusement Park Review As I was leaving Coney Island, having ridden the legendary Cyclone, I saw a billboard for Playland Park, my next destination. I boarded the northbound subway to Grand Central, then transferred to a train that took me to the out of the city to Westchester County, New York (also home to Professor Xavier’s Mansion for the comic book geeks out there). Th...[Read More]

The Coaster Critic Meets The Cyclone – NYC Trip

This year for my birthday trip, I’m headed to New York City to ride the legendary Coney Island Cyclone. While I’m in the area I’m also checking out Rye Playland. In true Coaster Critic fashion I’m going to cram it all into one day. Hopefully my subway, train, and city bus research pays off. This trip is really more about the experience than the number of new coasters. For r...[Read More]

Rye Playland Book Review

Book Chronicles Playland Park’s Rich HistoryLocated on the shores of the Long Island Sound, about 45 minutes from New York City, there’s an amusement park that’s been a summer getaway for 80 years. Katherine W. Burke’s new book Playland chronicles the rich history of the park. With a plethora of black and white photos readers are taken from the park’s humble beginning...[Read More]

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