Worst Coaster Trip Ever – Argument in Favor of Fast Lane

Disaster in Ohio Of all the trips I’ve taken in order to experience world class coasters, my trip to Kings Island almost six years ago was unquestionably the worst.  It would be difficult to imagine a more dismal or disastrous scenario. Because my flight from Philly didn’t arrive in Ohio until midafternoon, by the time I arrived at Kings Island it was almost 3:30.  Once inside the park I drove aro...[Read More]

What Are Your Theme Park Traditions?

It seems like most people have a theme park tradition of some sort. Each visit would be incomplete if they didn’t keep their ritual or streak involving a certain activity or ride or food. For me, no trip would be complete without grabbing some cotton candy for my wife. As I’ve said in the past, I’m expected to have cotton candy in hand when I return from my theme park trips. So, ...[Read More]

Where Are You Headed in 2015?

Which theme parks will you be visiting in 2015? It’s always fun to see where people will be traveling to and what new rides might have helped them choose certain parks over others. Visiting Theme Parks Close to Home For me, the list is short. I’ll be visiting my home park, Carowinds for Fury 325. For now, that’s all we’ve planned. It’d be great to take the family to D...[Read More]

Which Theme Parks Will You Visit in 2014?

March is here and many of the seasonal theme parks are getting ready to re-open. I’m sure many of have started planning your theme park trips for the year and it’s always fun to see where everyone’s headed. I’ll go into my plans in another post, but first let’s hear from you. Just as I’ve done in the past, I’d like to ask where you’re going this year...[Read More]

Theme Park Coupons & Discounts for 2013

Theme Park Coupons & Discounts for 2013 As in past years, I thought it’d be helpful for people if we share where we’re finding coupons for theme park tickets. I usually have a season pass for my home park, but when I’ve traveled in the past, I’d visit a business near the park I’m headed to and I usually find coupons. Where to Find Theme Park Coupons I’ve ha...[Read More]

Fox Business Interview, Study on Childhood Injuries at Amusement Parks

A few weeks ago I was interviewed on The Willis Report on Fox Business. I was asked to give my take on a new study that looked at childhood injuries at amusement parks. The study’s headline is: “Amusement Rides Injure 4,400+ Kids A Year” Here’s the interview: I found it interesting that the study broke out what it called mall rides. They raise a great point about awareness:...[Read More]

What’s Your Trusty Theme Park Gear?

How Do You Suit Up for Theme Park Trips? Are there things that you always have with you when you embark on a theme park trip? I thought about it and there are a few things that I always have with me. My Kodak digital camera has been through a lot. I have to say it’s held up well. I got it for Christmas 2002. It still works, but we have much better cameras now. And, if I don’t think I&#...[Read More]

Cedar Fair Theme Parks Roll Out Fast Lane

Joining the other major theme park chains, Cedar Fair is rolling out their own virtual queue system. Fast Lane will be available at all Cedar Fair theme parks in 2012. With Fast Lane you’ll have quicker access to a variety of rides, roller coasters, and even shows at some parks. After a quick look at my home park’s website, Carowinds, I can see that WindSeeker, Boo Blasters, Rip Roarin...[Read More]

6 Best Theme Park Tips Posts

Over the years I’ve tried to share my tips for theme park trips. Here are my best posts in that category. Flash Pass or No Flash Pass No one likes waiting in line at amusement parks. But when is it a good idea to fork over the extra cash to pay for a flash pass? In this post I offer a guide that’ll help you decide whether buying a flash pass or other line-skipping pass is a good idea f...[Read More]

Featured Photo #3 – The Best Thing to See at a Theme Park

This is a photo of Magnum XL-200’s queue one weekday morning back in the Spring of 2006. The ride was a focal point of my trip to the Cedar Point (AKA the Coaster Capital). Almost like a programmed response of some kind, when I look at this photo I have an urge to start sprinting. Or, at least speed walking. The funny thing is, there’s no need to run. Maybe the difference between a rea...[Read More]

Amusement Park Tips for Overweight Guests

According to WebMD the percent of Americans who are obese has now reached 26%. And, the percent who are either obese or overweight is now at an alarming 63%. This trend means that more and more guests will be too large to be safely seated on some theme park attractions. If restraints like lap bars and over-the-shoulder harnesses do not fit correctly, riders could be in danger. Last month, guests w...[Read More]

Theme Park Coupons, Discounts, & Deals

I almost never pay full price admission when I go to theme parks. Either I have a season pass or I find a coupon at a local fast food chain, pharmacy, or grocery store. As I do every year, I’m going to devote a space where people can share the theme park coupons and deals that they’ve found. This year I’d like to organize it better by creating a searchable table like I have on my...[Read More]

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