Cedar Fair Theme Parks Roll Out Fast Lane

Joining the other major theme park chains, Cedar Fair is rolling out their own virtual queue system. Fast Lane will be available at all Cedar Fair theme parks in 2012. With Fast Lane you’ll have quicker access to a variety of rides, roller coasters, and even shows at some parks. After a quick look at my home park’s website, Carowinds, I can see that WindSeeker, Boo Blasters, Rip Roarin...[Read More]

Most Wanted | Formula Rossa – World’s Fastest Roller Coaster

While I wouldn’t call Kingda Ka the best roller coaster it is an experience that I recommend every coaster fan or thrill seeker should try at least once. The feeling of that 128 mph launch is incredible. I’m sure Cedar Point’s Top Thrill Dragster gives a similarly exhilarating ride. I wouldn’t know as it broke down while I was in the queue. Having said that, I’m not t...[Read More]

7 Best New Roller Coasters Opening in Eurasia

With this The Coaster Critic’s Blog, I try to straddle the line a bit. I’m hoping it’s both a resource for the average theme park-goer as well as a place for the die hard theme park geeks. When I decided to simplify my annual top new coasters list (Part 1 & Part 2) and only focus on North America, I had no idea how many of the geeks out there would be expecting the worldly co...[Read More]

Top 11 New Roller Coasters of 2012 – Part 2

It’s time for the conclusion of my Top New Roller Coasters of 2012 list. In case you missed it, I gave picks 11 to 7 in Part 1. Here’s the rest of the list including my most anticipated new roller coaster of 2012. [divider] 6 Manta at SeaWorld San Diego (San Diego, California) SeaWorld San Diego will be unveiling a highly-themed launch roller coaster in Manta. Riders will board manta r...[Read More]

Top 11 New Roller Coasters of 2012 – Part 1

It’s time for my annual list of the most anticipated new roller coasters of the year. I’ve had to be clear recently and make it known that these are the coasters that I am either most eager to ride or just look the best to me. Since I do not have a time machine, I have not actually ridden any of them yet. Thanks to the large number of new coasters opening in this part of the World, thi...[Read More]

Montu vs. Alpengeist | Roller Coaster Showdowns

For this roller coaster showdown I’m pitting two of the most popular inverted roller coasters against each other. In a kind of sibling rivalry battle, sister coasters Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Williamsburg will face off against Montu at Busch Gardens Tampa. I guess you can file this heavyweight match up under ‘so obvious that I didn’t think of it.’ Thanks to reader Guilhe...[Read More]

6 Best Theme Park Tips Posts

Over the years I’ve tried to share my tips for theme park trips. Here are my best posts in that category. Flash Pass or No Flash Pass No one likes waiting in line at amusement parks. But when is it a good idea to fork over the extra cash to pay for a flash pass? In this post I offer a guide that’ll help you decide whether buying a flash pass or other line-skipping pass is a good idea f...[Read More]

Millennium Force Vs. Intimidator 305 | Roller Coaster Showdowns

Millennium Force vs. Intimidator 305 | Roller Coaster Showdowns In this edition of Roller Coaster Showdowns one of the most notable roller coasters of the past decade takes on its new red-tracked relative that debuted this year. It’s time for the showdown of the Intamin Giga Coasters. Ever since Intimidator 305’s announcement last Summer I knew that a Roller Coaster Showdown was in the...[Read More]

Manta vs Tatsu | Roller Coaster Showdown

As soon as SeaWorld Orlando announced Manta last winter coaster enthusiasts began comparing it to Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Tatsu. The two B&M flying roller coasters have interesting custom layouts and their the largest flying roller coasters in the World. So, let’s pit the flying dragon against the flying manta ray and see who comes out on top. Theming Manta’s theming is on...[Read More]

Is the Six Flags Flash Pass Worth It?

Should You Get a Flash Pass? Are Six Flags Flash Passes Worth It? Flash Passes are electronic or paper-based systems that guests can use to bypass lines at amusement parks and in essence skip to the front of the line. I’ll never forget my last visit to Six Flags Great Adventure. El Toro had just opened and the wait was somewhere around 2 hours. Thanks to my flash pass, I simply made an appoi...[Read More]

Top Thrill Dragster vs. Kingda Ka | Roller Coaster Showdown

Twin Peaks: Kingda Ka vs. Top Thrill Dragster One of the most common comparisons in enthusiastland involves the two tallest and fastest roller coasters on Earth. It’s like Everest and K2. They are very similar strata coasters that launch riders from 0 to 100+ miles per hour in a matter of seconds. They both take riders over 400 feet into the air only to send them spiraling back down to Earth...[Read More]

Top 3 Best Times to Visit Theme Parks

I’m often asked about the best time to visit theme parks. After reading this week’s Top 3 Thursday you’ll be able to find beautiful sights like this empty queue for Magnum XL-200 at Cedar Point. In order of worst to best, here are the best days to visit theme parks. #3 – Weekdays During the Summer If you have to go to a park during the summer months, do yourself a favor and...[Read More]

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