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Volcano: The Blast Coaster to be removed from Kings Dominion

Kings Dominion has announced the imminent departure of Volcano:The Blast Coaster.  The link to the official statement from the park is as follows:

New Roller Coasters

Copperhead Strike Almost Ready to Launch at Carowinds

Earlier this week, I joined a construction tour of Carowinds new roller coaster Copperhead Strike. The track is complete, but the station, launch barn, and area around the ride are still far from complete. Steve Jackson, Director of Maintenance and Construction led the tour and did a great job answe...


Review: Talon at Dorney Park

Dorney Park is a smallish theme park located in Dorney, Pennsylvania. If you’re not from Eastern PA or New Jersey, you may not have heard of it. Part of the Cedar Fair chain of parks, it currently has a roster of 7 roller coasters with three real eye-catching standouts: a Morgan hyper coaster ...

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