Final Destination 3

My wife and I must have a thing for bad horror movies. We just seem to end up at more of them than we probably should and we usually aren’t rewarded with a scary experience. Nothing different when we caught Final Destination 3. But, I have to admit I was curious to see how Hollywood would do the doomed coaster thing. From some of the images I’d seen and the trailers I was pretty sure that the coaster used in the movie wasn’t entirely real. The massive looping coaster Devil’s Flight is actually a pretty tame coaster known simply as Corkscrew at Playland in Vancouver. Thanks to some great computer graphics the Devil’s Flight seemed massive. If it were real it would’ve set all kinds of records. I think I counted ten loops as the teens were thrown to their deaths along the ride. All in all it made for a pretty exciting scene as they were litterally hanging on for lives, even if it was pretty unbelievable. The teens that got off the fateful ride before it left the station are then hunted down one by one by the invisible ‘Death’ from the first two movies.

I still feel like the Final Destination series are a step above the average teen slasher flicks even though it begins to become a bit repetitive. The deaths are a lot more creative than you’d normally see and in FD3, they were especially gruesome and violent. Without giving too much away, the deaths involve burning, head explosions, impaling and more. If you’ve got a weak stomach you might want to stay away. Otherwise I’d say it’s definetly worth a rental. You really don’t know where or how Death will attack next. (2.5 out of 5)

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