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Paramount finally found a buyer for its five parks. Cedar Fair (current owner of Cedar Point, Knott’s Berry Farms, Dorney Park, Geauga Lake, Worlds of Fun, Valleyfair, & Michigan’s Adventures) has bought Paramount’s parks for $1.24 billion in cash.

The five parks Cedar Fair will acquire are:
Canada’s Wonderland, near Toronto; Kings Island, near Cincinnati; Kings Dominion (My home park) near Richmond, Va.; Carowinds, near Charlotte, N.C.; and Great America located in Santa Clara, Calif.

In my opinion, this is a good thing. All of my experiences at Cedar Fair parks have been positive ones and I’m excited to see what they’ll do with my home park, Kings Dominion. It’s where I cut my teeth on coasters and it’s also where I have seen many flaws in park operation and in new ride and coaster choices.

Check out the full story.

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  1. And Cedar Fair is sold to Apollo… 🙁

  2. Is that bad?

  3. It is for me. I liked Cedar Fair, and they did a good job in running their parks. At least they ended their reign with a bang bu building Diamondback and the Intimidator coasters.


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