Coaster & Theme Park MySpace Pages?

Tracking Coaster Trends
I was perusing MySpace the other day and I found a whole niche of coaster and theme park MySpace pages. Some could possibly be created by savvy corporations that are hoping to ride M ySpace’s breakout popularity. I can’t help but applaud smart marketing. But it seemed likethe majority were created by fans. Like this one for Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Then there’s Hershey Park’s MySpace page, which serves as a kind of staff bulletin board. It was created by employees of the park and probably serves as a way for them to keep in touch.

Then I noticed that specific coasters have MySpace pages as well. For example, the Lochness Monster has its own page, as does a few of the other major coasters at BGW. In the comments area friends leave messages ranging from raves about their last experiences with the parks/coasters to annoucements of their upcoming trips. At first it surprised me. Some parks have hundreds and even thousands of friends on their MySpace pages. Then I realized it’s just another way for “My People” to connect on the ‘Net. I guess I better get to work on my page.