Voyage at Holiday World

The Next Big Thing
Holiday World near Evansville, IN has reputation of being a great family park as well as park that pleases the coaster enthusiast community. With renowned woodies like Raven and Legend, this small park has already made a mark. For 2006, Holiday World may make quite an impact with the addition of Voyage a massive woodie that looks to once again please both audiences.

The stats are staggering:
An unprecedented 24 seconds of total airtime over a 1.2 mile track, eight underground traverses, two 90-degree banked turns, and a total ride time of 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

But even more important, early reviews of Voyage are good to ecstatic. Personally, I’ve never been more impressed by an on-ride video. This coaster looks massive and most of all fun. Hopefully, I can make it to Holiday World this season for my own take on this park and possibly one of the best woodies in years.