TomKat & Dan Snyder Visit Six Flags America

How the Top 1% Live
I bet you never thought I’d be using one of those celebrity couple nicknames on this site. Earlier this month, Washington Post reported that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes attended the Monday Night Football Game at Fedex Field in Maryland. If you tuned into that game, maybe you remember the camera showing Dan Snyder with Tom Cruise up in the press box. Snyder is a slick entreprenuer. He owns the Washington Redskins, which is one of the most lucrative franchises in all of professional sports. Also, last fall he bullied his way into ownership of Six Flags.

A few months ago, Paramount announced that it wasn’t going to renew its movie contract with Tom Cruise. Reportedly Paramount thought that Cruise’s well-documented, strange behaviour had an affect on his last two movies (War of the Worlds, Mission Impossible 3) at the box office. Snyder, along with other investors, stepped in to help finance Cruise’s future movie productions.

The night before the Monday Night game, Tom, Katie, and Suri along with Snyder and his family paid a special VIP visit to Six Flags America. The Post reports that the park remained open for the group. So imagine what amounts to a few families having the run of an entire theme park for an evening. The Washington Post had details:

“Aside from riding, Mind Eraser, Joker’s Jinx, and the Wild One, there was even an informal closing ceremony at end of the night with the park characters and employees, where Cruise and Snyder led the kids in the Electric Slide, hokeypokey and limbo in the park’s town square.The group finished Sunday night at FedEx Field, where they threw on the lights and the kids tossed footballs while the adults sat on the 20-yard line and watched the end of the Colts-Giants game on the Jumbotron. “