Coasterology 101

Coasterology - Types of Roller CoastersCoasterology 101
Don’t know the difference between a hyper, a giga, or a strata coaster? Do you have a favorite ride, but have no idea what kind of roller coaster it is? You’re in the right place. Check out my Coasterology 101 posts and get your learn on.

What is a Water Roller Coaster?
These relatively new coasters blur the line between roller coasters and water rides. Water coasters are the amphibians of the coaster kingdom…read more>>>

What is a Floorless Roller Coaster?
There’s no where to hide on these completely open, floorless coasters…read more>>

What is a Flying Roller Coaster?
Superman’s not so special anymore. Anyone can fly on these coasters…read more>>

What is a Dive Roller Coaster?
Imagine staring 20 stories straight down a 90 degree drop. Sound like fun?…read more>>

What is a Launch Roller Coaster?

Ready for insane launches like 0 to 128 in 3.5 seconds!?!…read more>>

What is a Hyper Coaster?
Hyper coasters offer speed, airtime, and some great drops…read more>>

What is an Inverted Roller Coaster?
Take a spin on one of these ski-lift style wonders…read more>>

What is a Suspended Roller Coaster?
These were the first roller coasters that featured trains that traveled below the track. They offer swooping turns and…read more>>>

What is a Bobsled Roller Coaster?
Bobsled coasters mimic the experience of the icy winter sport their named after. They feature trackless chutes that bobsled-like trains traverse…read more>>>

What is a Wild Mouse Roller Coaster?
Don’t underestimate these small roller coasters. The sharp turns will catch you by surprise…read more>>>

What is a Stand-Up Roller Coaster?
Back in the 80’s someone decided it would be a good idea if looping coasters had stand-up trains. The results have been pretty mixed…read more>>>

What is a Shuttle Coaster?
Shuttle coasters will give you a sense of deja vu. They’re short, but always pack a punch as you traverse a section of twisted, looping steel forward and then backwards…read more>>>