Hypersonic XLC - Paramounts Kings DominionMore of a Thrill Ride than a Coaster, Too Bad the Thrills Are Short-Lived
In 2001, Kings Dominion already had more launch coasters than most parks in the world with Flight of Fear and Volcano The Blast Coaster. With the addition of a third launch coaster, Kings Dominion was a certified destination for coaster enthusiasts and thrill junkies. With a compressed air launch that takes riders from 0 to 80 mph in less than 2 seconds and a 90-degree vertical climb and descent, you would think that Kings Dominion would have a winner.

The first thing that I noticed as I approached Hypersonic was that Kings Dominion had just plopped theHypersonic XLC - Paramounts Kings Dominion coaster down right over the walking paths. They definitely have the land to give this ride it’s own space, but for some reason they didn’t. Then, I saw how extremely short it was. RCDB doesn’t have a ride time for it, but its got to be 10 to 15 seconds or so. The ride consists of a great launch, a quick 90-degree climb, an immediate (and unsatisfying) 90-degree drop, and a banked turn. After that you hurdle into some loud brakes and then ease back into the station.

The drop may be 133′ tall and have a 90-degree angle, but I’ve felt more of a free fall feeling on the shorter woodies at the park. Hypersonic has a weird ultra-light and smooth feel. I wonder if ‘normal’ steel coaster cars would improve the drop. But with heavier cars, the super-fast launch probably wouldn’t possible.

Based on the launch and the intimidating looking hill, Hypersonic XLC is great for adrenaline junkies and the general public. To the true coaster enthusiasts who haven’t ridden it, you’re really not missing much. I should probably give Kings Dominion a pass because it isAbove Average Coaster Reviews a first-of-its kind coaster. Prototypes seldom do anything more than demonstrate what’s possible. But I can’t excuse the terrible return on investment you get after waiting thirty minutes or more for such a short, unimpressive ride. The launch is fun, but that’s most likely all you’ll remember from your 10 second ride. Don’t blink! Final Rating – 6.0 (Slightly Above Average)

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  1. Rob

    I agree that the Hypersonic is way too short, but the 0-80 in under 2 seconds rush can be found no where else. If you ask me, it's still a must ride.

  2. The Coaster Critic

    Agreed. 0 to 80 in under 2 seconds is pretty impressive. I just wish they'd maybe reprofile the ride and make it longer. Dodonpa, the next air launch coaster looks much more satisfying. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Anonymous

    Its worth a shot but Kings Dominion could have made it a much more exciting experience with more room and theming. The park has a large amount of land but refuses to use it. They plop there rides right in the middle of everything leaving the park cluttered and junky looking. Tomb Raider is a perfect example of this. Kings Island made it a nice themed indoor ride. Kings Dominion plopped it down in the middle of a walk way with very little theming at all.

  4. Coasterluv

    okay, Hypersonic was short and the wait sucked, but the whole thrill eye to this ride was advertised as all about the launch mainly. Now that hypersonic is gone, i'm sure more coasterfans miss it than are happy its gone. It was a unique American ride, that whenever someone mentioned kings dominion (as of 2001) they automatically though Hypersonic + Volcanoe, Hell Yea lets go!. I would never do Kings Dominion on a saturday because with most rides being 2 abreast except the added Dominator, it is not a saturday friendly park (i.e. Bush Gardens can handle a saturday crowd okay. saturday at kings dominion & prepare to be fully dissapointed) so Hypersonics Low Capacity was so bad it might as well have been closed on saturdays. but any other day due to the intense looked so many people were scarred to ride that the 45 min-1hour sunday waits werent bad, and the 15 minuite wait every summer weekday were great for re-rides on a powerful thrill machine. I never looked at it as a great coaster but as coaster critic said, a thrill ride, because it is all about that heck of a launch leading into that vertical climb. everthing else after that didn't really matter because you will never forget that launch or climb, the sound of it, the anticipation, how when you start screaming your voice doesn't return until you crest the hill. It was really underated because it was not a long coaster, but look how long we wait in line for a run of the mill 4 second drop on a drop tower. because its about the unforgettable drop. same with hypersonic except its the launch and ascent. I hope this coaster is reborn on a east coast theme park no so far away. It would be great if Cedar Fair just relocated it to a more suitable section in the park, or Carowinds. Heck Hard Rock Park shouldve brought it as a hand me down when it was for sale being it would fit in such a small footprint and can run over walkways, and would easily theme to rock n roll.

  5. Coasterluv

    okay last comment and i'm going to let my attempt at showing the world what a great rush Hypersonic was. remeber standing in line and seeing people hitting the break run with their hair looking like thishttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UmwsP4mMKMI remeber standing in line with some friends and a train stopped hard (as usual) into the breaks and one of a girls breast were hanging completely out of her top. the whole line laughed, but the girl was so shocked she wasn't embarrased at all just laughed with the crowd and put it back in her top. I will miss moments like those because that was just one of the crazy things you saw standing in line for Hypersonic by the break run.

  6. Anonymous

    Just about everything written in this revue was inaccurate; smooth ride? maybe he rode it when it first opened, but this was no waterslide, after the first jolt, the car shook then the brake system was like hitting a brick wall. "plopped" is a abstract term, it is "above" a walkway, and yes they do have land, but who cares? Dragster and corkscrew are in this walkway fashion at cedar point, I particularily dont care, besides, it kinda cool to be walking and looking up and seeing the look on riders faces above, and looking down 90% from the car at the people below vice versa. As for the freefall, these are non existant on launch coasters, your not thinking of the drop, but the launch (another reason these launch coasters are a little over the top, -call me old fashion) True it is short and the line is long, however I havent met anyone who has ever gotten off and went right back on, this one was THAT rough, which is the rumor it is up for sale now.

  7. Anonymous

    p.s. if you thought the breast was funny, i was on line and this african american dude with an afro was riding and when he got off his hair was pushed all the way back, you know like that thing they showed you in science class where you put your hands on the electronic current metal ball and your hair rises, exept his was pushed back. (no joke)

  8. The Coaster Critic

    Anonymous, in case you haven't been to Kings Dominion in a while, Hypersonic is gone! They weren't able to sell it (shocker!) and they turned it into scrap. Sure Hypersonic did end abruptly with those brakes, but the actual short ride between the launch and brakes was smooth. Sorry you don't like my 'plopped' word choice, but cramming rides into a park that way annoys me. So I'm glad that Cedar Fair has removed Hypersonic for several reasons. Thanks for reading.

  9. kimmy

    loved it who cares if it was short . it was still great , it was just enough space fr it there it made a statment. i will allways andd forever love that coaster. and for the furture NEVER EVER TAKE VOLCANO OUT that is the best coaster on the hole east coast


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