How I Rate Theme Parks

How I Rate Theme Parks
For my 100th post I will post my first full theme park review. As I did for my coaster reviews I would like to outline how I rate theme parks as opposed to just arbitrarily giving parks a rating without much explanation.

First, I’ll give my general impressions of the park as well as a brief history of the park. I’ll mention when my last visit to the park was as that can have an impact on ratings. I’ll mention any notable rides or attractions. I’m not a big fan of flat rides and generally stick to coasters when I visit new parks, but I know many enthusiasts and park-goers try to experience everything. So, I’ll point out any exceptional or interesting non-roller coasters.

Next, I’ll do a breakdown of all of the coasters at the particular park and give each a rating based on my coaster rating scale. Then, I’ll rate the park’s quantity (number of coasters), quality (average rating of coasters), and the mix. The mix will describe how varied the coasters are. For example, a park with three wooden coasters would have a weak mix, because that’s the only type of coaster you can ride there. The rating for mix is weak, average, or strong.

Finally, I will conclude with my Get There Index (G.T.I.). This is a measure of how much that I recommend that you go to the park. The range is as follows:

The Coaster Critic’s Get There Index

0 – Don’t Go!
I don’t see myself using a zero very often, but you never know. A park would have to be pretty bad if I don’t recommend anyone, even enthusiasts visit it.

1 – Go Only If You’re a Coaster Enthusiasts & You’re in the Area
Not necessarily a terrible park, but there’s no need to rush to this park. Maybe it offers a lot of cloned rides that you can encounter anywhere or it’s cleanliness, theming, and staff are sub par. A coaster enthusiast may enjoy this park, but it should not be anywhere near the top of their list of parks to visit.

2 – Coaster Enthusiasts Should Go, But Don’t Rush
These parks might worth a trip for the traveling enthusiasts out there. They’re even better if they are near other parks that you could work into a multiple park trip. These are okay parks, but not strongly recommended for average park-goers.

3 – Coaster Enthusiasts Must Go, Recommended for General Public
Thanks to a unique attraction, one or two amazing coasters, or just a great overall atmosphere, this is a park that cannot be missed by coaster enthusiasts. Regular park-goers would enjoy this park as well.

4 – A Must Visit for Anyone With a Pulse
If I had the money I’d send you, your family, and anyone you’ve ever met to this park. This park has the best to offer when it comes to the atmosphere, experience, and most importantly the rides and roller coasters. These parks are often on the tip of every coaster enthusiast’s tongue.

I hope you’ll enjoy my park reviews. Look out for my first review, Six Flags America, on my 100th post. Thanks for reading! Got a comment or question? Leave one below.