Steel Venom Removed from Geauga Lake

Steel Venom Roller Coaster - Geauga LakeSteel Venom: Missing in Action
Cedar Fair is reportedly moving Geauga Lake in a new direction. News about X-Flight moving across the state to Kings Island and becoming Firehawk has already surfaced. Steel Venom, an Intamin inverted launch coaster, has been removed as well. The question is where will Steel Venom be sent to.

An article on ThrillNetwork includes a quote from a Cedar Fair official mentioning that Steel Venom is “destined for storage at another park once it’s dismantled.” There were no hints as to which park would get the coaster, but the ‘Net is buzzing with rumors and theories. Recently acquired Canada’s Wonderland (near Toronto), Dorney Park (Allentown, PA), and Worlds of Fun (Kansas City, MO) seem to be popular guesses.

Where do you think Steel Venom will go? Leave a comment below.