Anaconda Roller Coaster - Kings Dominion - TunnelQuadruple Looping Steel Coaster Loves Water
Does a 14-story drop to an underwater tunnel sound like fun? The Anaconda at Kings Dominion is a steel coaster with some pretty unique elements. It rises high above a pond (that used to be the much larger Lake Charles) before dropping 144 feet into an underwater tunnel. It’s one of the few roller coasters in the world with an underwater tunnel.

Anaconda was built by Arrow and it has the requisite Arrow headbang factor. Your ride starts with an immediate dip out of the station and into a long, slow lift hill. The hill offers great viewsAnaconda Roller Coaster - Kings Dominion - Loops of the park where you can watch trains navigate Rebel Yell’s course or observe people enjoying the water park that has overtaken the lake. Many riders just close their eyes as the 14-story climb seems a bit taller than it really is. Finally, you begin to creep over the crest and start your plunge to the tunnel below. The drop itself is banked and not very steep, so there’s more of just an increase in speed than an extreme dropping feeling. After speeding through the small, black tunnel you immerge and rise into a vertical loop which is followed by a sidewinder (half of a batwing). Next you slam into the brake run. And I mean slam. The loops offer great g’s but are a little rough as is the brake run. *RIDE TIP – If you ride towards the front of the train the brake run’s a lot less rough, you almost fly through it*.
Anaconda Roller Coaster - Kings Dominion - Corkscrews
Next, you enter the butterfly configuration. It’s unique to the Anaconda and it’s basically two funky, twisted helixes. It’s fun, but at the same time rough. Your ride over the lake finishes with the highlight. The double corkscrews over the lake are taken pretty slow. This gives you the feeling that you might just fall out. After the corkscrews you dip under the lift hill, take a hard left turn and hit the station brakes.

Anaconda’s fun and a definite must ride, but a little too short and rough. Also, I would’ve preferred a steeper first drop. In its defense it delivers thrills and it always runs two trains so the line moves pretty fast. And I have to give Kings Dominion some credit, because it’s not only a custom design, but it offers that unique tunnel. Final Rating – 6.5 (Better than Average-Approaching Good)

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  1. Aimee

    One day when King's Dominion was not too crowded there was no line for the Anaconda, so my sister and I rode it 3 times in a row. That is not such a good idea. Anaconda is fun, those slow corkscrews are scary! But you definitely take a beating.

  2. CoastersRUle

    yea my friend got a concusion on that ride it just shook my head a little….

  3. Mark

    On Saturday October 2 there was an hour long line for Volcano and no wait at all for Anaconda. After a ride on Anaconda it's understandable why it's not popular. Ouch. 305 was the smoothest ride in the park, very nice. Anaconda looks absurd next to it. It won't be missed if and when it's scrapped. Sorry.

  4. Brooke

    the 305 was so scary and fast. but at six flags the superman was super scary. i wonder what roller coaster is scariest? the 305 or the superman? and i when on the anaconda and it was not cool but it was fun. i think the anaconda should have a drop.

  5. Matt

    It is rough, but it looks so cool over the lake. At least it isn't a parking lot arrow looper like Scream Machine was. If it doesnt have nice scenery, is rough, and slow, it is not a good ride(Scream Machine!!!). So i prefer this to scream machine, but it still is rough like most arrow loopers and has a slow second half. Loch Ness Monster is much better.

  6. Lev

    I like this coaster. It's not as brutal as some say…if you lean into the turns you'll be OK. Many cool elements to this ride, and it's almost always a walk-on which is great and gives you a chance for several rides on busy days when you sick of standing in line.

  7. Sule

    I rode Anaconda 2x a couple of days ago; it had been maybe 5 years since the last time. It’s still a rough head-banger, and one of my least favorite coasters at KD. You definitely have to lean into the corners or risk a concussion or migraine. I305 was closed for maintenance but you get a good sense of the scale as you climb Anaconda’s first drop.


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