Girls Feet Cut Off @ Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

Girls Feet Severed on Thrill Ride at Louisville Six Flags
Needless to say, this season hasn’t been without its share of amusement park accidents. This most recent incident is by far the most gruesome. On Thursday, a 13-year old girl had her feet severed while riding Superman Power of Tower at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville.

The Power of Tower is a drop ride that stands 177 feet tall with a 157 foot free fall that reaches speeds of 54 miles per hour. (Pictured right) The ride was formerly known as Hellevator. Allegedly, during the drop a cable severed the girl’s legs at the ankles.

“When I got up there, the lady was just sitting there and she didn’t have no legs,” Smith said. “She didn’t have no legs at all. She was just calm, probably in shock from everything.”

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Will this recent rash of roller coaster and thrill ride accidents deter you from visiting theme parks this summer? Leave a comment below. Photo courtesy of CoasterImage.