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Flagship Six Flags Park is a Story of Extreme Highs & Lows
Six Flags Great Adventure
Jackson, New Jersey
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Last Visit: September 2006

Six Flags Great Adventure, located in Jackson, NJ, is probably Six Flag’s flagship park. While Magic Mountain has been downsized in the past few years, Great Adventure has flourished. With seven new roller coasters in the past eight years and the tallest and fastest roller coaster on the planet. Obviously the company is investing a lot in Great Adventure. Not to mention Philadelphia and New York City are just a few hours away. A point of contention for a lot of enthusiasts has been the park’s frequent breakdowns on major attractions like Kingda Ka and Batman & Robin.

Notable Rides & Attractions
I can’t recall any particularly notable rides or attractions. You will find a swinging inverter themed as a space shuttle along with a long list of flat rides and water rides.

Theming & Atmosphere
Great Adventure is located next to a lake in Northern New Jersey. The park has been relatively clean in my experiences and the theming was standard Six Flags fare. Two new sections were recently added. The Golden Kingdom is home to Kingda Ka and a white tiger exhibit. The Plaza del Carnival opened in 2006 with El Toro and some pretty authentic smelling Mexican food.

Coaster Breakdown – Trinity of Coaster Goodness with an Uneven, But Large Supporting Cast

El Toro, Nitro, and Kingda Ka are an amazing trio.

Road Runner Railways – Steel Kiddie Coaster – N/A
Small Zamperla kiddie coaster.

Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure Train – Steel Family Coaster – N/A
I’ve never ridden it, but it’s identical to Beaver Land Mine Ride at Geauga Lake which I gave a 5 (Average). It’s a fun family coaster.

Batman & Robin: The Chiller – Dueling Launch Shuttle Coaster – N/A
Unfortunately, this dueling launch coaster has been shutdown during both of my visits. Check out some pics here.

Superman: Ultimate Flight – Steel Flying Coaster – N/A
Another ride that was down during my visit. I’ve ridden its clone at Six Flags Over Georgia. It’s a short flying coaster that’s fun, but over before you know it. At least the pretzel loop makes it worth the wait. I gave its clone a 7.0.

Rolling Thunder – Wooden Racing Coaster – 3.5
Rolling Thunder’s a racing coaster, but you’d hardly know it. On both of my visits the park was running trains on only one of tracks. Kind of defeats the purpose of a racing coaster, doesn’t it?

Great American Scream Machine – Steel Looping Coaster – 4.0
An aging old steel looper that’s gives a shaky, rough ride. Check out my full review including an onride video.

Skull Mountain – Steel Indoor Family Coaster – 5.5
Decent indoor ride that’s pitch black in most spots.

Runaway Mine Train
– Steel Family Coaster – 6.0
Great mine train ride.

Batman The Ride – Steel Inverted Coaster – 6.5
This is yet another clone of the popular Batman The Ride found at Six Flags parks all over the world. It’s packed with a tight twisting layout. For me some of the inversions are a bit too close together. I got off feeling like I’d just been tumble-dried, but it’s still a good ride.

Medusa – Steel Floorless Coaster – 8.0
Medusa was the first B&M floorless coaster. It features a smooth, loopy layout, with open trains that have no floors and no walls.

Kingda Ka – Steel Strata Coaster – 8.0
The aforementioned tallest and fastest coaster in the world. It’s more of a thrill ride than a full-fledged roller coaster, but it’s quite a thrill indeed. Check out my full Kingda Ka review including an onride video.

Nitro – Steel Hyper Coaster – 9.0
Nitro’s an excellent hyper coaster that deserves the accolades and praise that it receives.

El Toro – Prefabricated Wooden Coaster – 10.0
This wooden coaster is like no other. It’s silky smooth and jam-packed with airtime. To see why I gave it a 10 out of 10 and ranked it 3rd on my Top Ten Coasters, read my full El Toro review.

Six Flags Great Adventure Q.Q.M.

Quality – 6.7/10
Quantity – 13
Mix – Strong

Get There Index – 4

(A Must Visit for Anyone With a Pulse)
The numerous attractions coupled with that trinity of top-notch coasters results in weak 4 out of 4. The pros do just enough to outweigh the mediocre coasters and sub par park operations. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend a park with a track record of breakdowns and outages, but Kinga’s launch, El Toro’s airtime, and Nitro’s overall fun ride can make an enthusiast overlook quite a bit.

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