Top 3 Most Annoying Things at Amusement Parks
This week’s topic is pretty self-explanatory. I love visiting theme parks, but here are the least enjoyable things about my visits.

3 – Coaster Misinformation
I can’t count the number of times that I’ve been in line and overheard the most insane, unrealistic, and impossible things about the coaster I’m in line for. They are said like fact, not just an educated guess. I can’t tell if people believe these things or they’re making them up on the spot to kill time in line.

I know that I’m a coaster geek and I know a lot more than the average person about roller coasters, so 99% of the time I restrain myself from correcting people. I don’t want to come across like that comic book geek from The Simpsons.

2 – Paying for Parking
You’re already being raked over the coals with current park admission prices these days (unless you’ve been using my tips to find theme park coupons). But parks also charge in excess of $10 for parking. I’d love to look at a park’s bottom line to see what the parking revenue goes to.

1- Line Cutters
There’s nothing worse than waiting in a long line, just to have some rude people push by you to “join their friends in the front of the line”. It’s enough to nearly ruin a visit.

I’ve decided to stop letting people cut in front of me. Somehow I manage to never have to cut in line or have my friends cut in line to join me. Ride queues are first come first serve people! If I’m in line ahead of you too bad.

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Got a comment about this week’s annoying Top 3? Got a suggestion for next week’s Top 3? What’s the most annoying thing you experience at theme parks? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Nessie

    My top three-
    3. Lousy ride ops- Seriously!!! How hard can it be to train operators! All they must do is say "Did you enjoy the ride?", press the button to let the restraints go, get them all out, press the button to open the gates, close the gates, check the harnesses, and press a button to dispatch the train. If Kneobles can do it in 20 seconds, why can't some of these lifeless, bored, angry, or preoccupied teenagers get a train out in 2 minutes!

    2. Commercials- This isn't at amusement parks, but it drives me nuts when a parks does false advertising on advertisments. I saw a KD comercial where a kid is ecstatic about this one ride. And correct me if I'm wrong, but the ride was Timberline Twister at KBF! Wrong coast Cedar Fair. And in a Drayron Manor TR, there was a poster saying G-Force is the only one of its kind. The problem is that it showed a Skyloop X-car insead of G-force. False Advertising! I'm suing! 😉

    1. Food Prices- 10 bucks for a hamburger plus fries. 5 bucks for a kids chicken nuggets. 10 bucks for a slice of Pizza. Amusement parks have no feeds from the outside world, do they? I could buy a Regular roast beef combo and an apple turnover (angelic voices) for the same price of a hot dog.

  2. QB3

    good point. i once saw a comercial for X2 but insead of the real ride, it had a completeley different ride, arond a valcano, on an inatamin track! also the new kennywood launch coaster it had some POV footage of Mr.freeze! its not even the right company!

    P.S.- food prices suck.

  3. CFC

    My top three:

    1: Lousy ride ops – I was once in line for Vortex at Carowinds, and there were maybe 50 people in line. However, the ride ops were taking their sweet time, and I finally gave up 45 minutes later.

    2: Prices – Are you kidding me???!!! $8 for a freakin' hot dog?! $10 parking?! I mean wt… well, you know the rest.

    3: Dirtyness – You don't find a dirty park too often, but when you do, you think OMG! What is that doing there?! At Carowinds, in the Rip Roarin' Rapids ride, there is a rock with so much gum on it, you can't see the rock! C'mon, people, at least try to keep the park clean!

  4. Matt

    The most annoying thing for me at amusement parks is having to rent lockers. Thankfully at parks like Dorney, Kings Dominion, and Cedar Point(except on Dragster and Millennium), they have bins to put your stuff in. Lockers are a waste of money, a waste of time, and most of all are a real pain. I hate when i'm just about to go in line and a person says "put that in a locker." JUST BUY RIDE BINS!!! They save the people and the park money, and people don't have to get out of line to put there stuff in lockers. Also, if you lose your locker ticket it will be very hard to get your stuff back from the locker. I once lost a souvenir cup in a locker when I lost my locker ticket on Kingda Ka!

  5. Joey

    I find it interesting that no one else has my top most annoying thing on their list….when a ride breaks down and you are first in line. This has happened to me at California's Great America–I waited in an hour 12 minute line and was at the front of the line when the ride broke down. Wasted soooooo much time! The other was on X2 at Magic Mountain. The line was 1 hour 30 minutes this time! I can't think of anything more annoying!

    • The Coaster Critic

      That's a good one. It happened to me while waiting for Top Thrill Dragster and Superman at SFMM. Two pretty large and unusual rides that I missed out on due to a breakdown just minutes before I was to board them. Definitely annoying. I guess I hadn't included it because it doesn't happen very often.

  6. Cedar Point Rocks

    1.I have to say 15$ for fries and a hot dog REALLY?????
    2.I hate it when rides break down when you are about to ride them once it took 3 1/4 hours to get to the front in the maverick’s line and it broke but then again it breaks all the time.
    3.I HATE it when there is like 1 person in line and you are almost at the front but that person is in one of like those gigantic groups and your about to get on but like 20 people come in and suddenly your 20 people away from where you were!!!!IT IS SO ANNOYING!!


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