6-Year Old Girl Falls from Ride | Six Flags America

There was yet another accident at a theme park. Last Friday, a child fell from the “Octopus” at Six Flags America in Largo, MD. Thankfully, her injuries were not life threatening. She suffered hip, leg, and head injuries, but is expected to be fine.

Apparently the 6-year old girl stood up on the ride just as it was starting to move. Park officials say she was then thrown about 4 feet, while witnesses say it was more like 25 feet. Either way, it’s good to hear that the girl will be okay.

This latest theme park accident seems to be a clear case of rider error. More info at: NBC4.com

Photo courtesy of NBC4.com

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  1. Anonymous

    She should have been sitting down. Now that's her fault. I'm glad she's ok though!


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