The Geauga Saga Continues | Wooden Coasters For Sale
Wooden roller coasters Raging Wolf Bobs, Villain, and ACE Coaster Classic Big Dipper will not be relocated to other Cedar Fair parks like the steel coasters. Instead they are up for sale. Martin & Vleminckx Rides are handling the relocation and sale of the coasters. See the listings for yourself at their site.

Anybody want to start speculating on what parks may buy one of these coasters? Leave a comment below. Thanks to Judy for sending this in.

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  1. Cedric

    knoebels big bet for the big dipper or raging wolf bobs. I would love for either of them more so the raging wolf bobs (as i loved this coaster after its semi-rehab) to come to a park in my area. I am always wanting kings Dominions to get the coaster relocations because they have so much more space they can expand into but with 4 woodies i know that would be asking to much, especially at another cedar fair park. Big Dipper would do good in hard rock park behind shake rattle and roll because its narrow path, and old seaside,coney, board walk feel, that that area of hard rock park is trying to give. and i'm sure the price tag is not to big that it would not be a great investment for hard rock park.

  2. coasterluv

    oops i meant coasterluv for my name for the comment above.


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