Bondi Beach @ Carowinds Web Cam

Carowinds - Bondi Beach - 2008Bondi Beach Web Cam | Carowinds
Carowinds is my new home park now that I’ve moved to Charlotte, NC. For 2008 they’ll be adding a wave pool. At 34,000 square feet, Bondi Beach will be the park’s second and largest wave pool. You can track Bondi’s progress via Carowinds’ web cams.

The park is also adding a new ride called Yo Yo that Carowinds describes as a whirling swing ride for kids and adults. It will be located in the County Fair section and it was another transplant from the now defunct Geauga Lake.

For more information on Carowinds new attractions for 2008 click here. Any Carolinians excited about Bondi Beach or Yo Yo? Leave a comment below.