What’s In A Name? Part Two

The Name Game: The Latest Coaster Name Changes Happening in 2008

Former Paramount Parks Lose Movie Licensed Names, Theming
Don’t be surprised if you return to your park this summer and find that the names of a few attractions have changed. The five former Paramount Parks that have been purchased by Cedar Fair went into the final stage of their acquisition which meant the renaming of rides named after Paramount licensed movies.
Nighthawk Coaster - Carowinds
Paramount didn’t name a lot of their rides and coasters after movies, but both Top Gun and BORG at Carowinds were two examples of pretty memorable theming. I will definitely miss the Top Gun soundtrack in the station. And allegedly the sphere (pictured right) that riders fly around on the BORG Assimilator has been removed. At least the Nighthawk name compliments the Firehawk name which Cedar Fair gave to another flying coaster at Kings Island.

Below is a list of renamed Paramount rides & coasters:

Top Gun will be Flight Deck at Kings Island, Canada’s Wonderland, & Great America
Top Gun: Jet Coaster will be Afterburn at Carowinds
BORG: Assimilator will be Nighthawk at Carowinds
Italian Job will be Backlot Stunt Coaster at Kings Island, Canada’s Wonderland, Kings Dominion
Tomb Raider: The Ride will be The Crypt at Kings Island
Tomb Raider: Firefall will be The Crypt at Kings Dominion

The two wooden coasters named “Hurler” (loosely themed after the Wayne’s World movies) have kept their names so far. Those Wayne’s World queue and station videos are long gone, thankfully. They were funny the first 3 or so times, but after a while they were annoying. Kid rides including Scooby Doo, Rugrats, & Hey Arnold appear to be unaffected as well.

Clementon Coaster Renamed, Again
Frequent visitors to Clementon Park in New Jersey are likely getting used to that park’s signature coaster getting a new name. In 2004 the S&S woodie opened as Tsunami. After the tsunami disaster in South Asia that year, the park decided to rename the ride J2. For Jack Rabbit 2 on a play of their first coaster named Jack Rabbit. Now under new management, the park has decided to again rename the coaster to Puma. And why not, there have been a plethora of coasters named Wild Cat over the years. Why not move on to another feline mascot. Hopefully, Puma will stick.

Once Abandoned Coaster Gets New Life & New Name
Red Devil, located at Ghost Town in the Sky in western NC, had a scenic mountain view, but looked a little less than safe. To me, the supports don’t look rusty and not too sturdy. It doesn’t help that you’re on the side of a mountain. After laying dormant for a few years, Ghost Town in the Sky has reopened and Red Devil got a make over including a new paint job, refitting by local NC Safety officials and a new name, Cliffhanger. See the before and after photos.

Aftershock Wins Name Contest at Silverwood
Lastly, that Deja Vu coaster that was purchased from Six Flags Great America and moved to Silverwood in Idaho has a new name. The park held a contest and went with the name, Aftershock. I think that’s a pretty original choice and it goes with the park’s signature woodie called Tremors.

What do you think of these name changes? Leave a comment below. For more on names, specifically what some of the worst names are, see What’s in a Name? Part 1.