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Counting Down The Best Roller Coasters From Down UnderTower of Terror - Dreamworld
For the triumphant return of Top 3 Thursdays, I figured I would countdown the top three roller coasters in Australia. As I’ve never ridden a coaster outside of the U.S., I invited an Aussie, Ash from Theme Park News Direct, to provide this week’s Top 3. I did some metric system conversions for my U.S. readers.

3 – Tower Of Terror at Dreamworld – 0 to 160km/h (100mph) in seven seconds. It’s Australia’s fastest roller coaster. After the launch you go vertical before coming to a smooth stop – and the fun doesn’t end there – you still have to brave the free-fall down to earth.

Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster - Warner Bros Movie World2 – Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster at Warner Bros. Movie World – Australia’s best themed roller coaster, hands down. After the station you enter a haunted house themed to from the motion picture. After that you enter a vertical lift, then drop backwards into a laser filled room with music. You then turn forwards and proceed to enjoy the class wild mouse layout.

Superman Escape - Warner Bros Movie
1 – Superman Escape at Warner Bros. Movie World
– 0 to 100km/h (62 mph) in 2 seconds. After the launch you fly up 40 meters (pretty high) and then into a series of 2 air-time hills before coming to a smooth stop. Oh, did I mention that there’s also a pre-launch theme that you are in a subway during an earthquake and Superman has to push you out? It has been rated Australia’s best roller coaster and 16th best in the world for 2007 – There’s no question why.

-Ash from Theme Park News Direct

And check out this onride video of Superman Escape at Warner Bros. Movie World:

Thanks to Ash for his take on the best roller coasters in Australia. Has anyone ridden these coasters? What’d you think? Leave a comment below. Also, check out more Top 3 Thursday posts and feel free to submit an idea for a future list.

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8 Responses

  1. S

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster reads like the Dark Knight coaster at various Six Flags joints, and has a overall negative opinion. Perhaps its themed better, I dunno.

    • virginia

      Scooby Doo is very well themed. Australia on the whole doesn’t tend to do a lot of theming and this one is a standout.

  2. The Coaster Critic

    S, it does sound like Dark Knight. I'm assuming it was better themed and just better done overall since Ash rated it one of the best coasters in Australia. Maybe Six Flags got the idea for Dark Knight from the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster.Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Ashley

    I have never ridden the Dark Knight coaster but I can tell you that Scooby Doo kicks ass.Theming wise it's ahead of its Aussie counterparts, and the vertical lift with backwards drop adds to the thrill side of things.I am pretty sure the coaster ranked around 50 in the Best Coaster Poll – nothing great, but still pretty good considering how many roller coasters are worldwide.But don't let me wreck it for you.Here's a video: your comments – Maybe the Aussies aren't as hard to impress as the Americans.

  4. Alex

    I know this is an old article, sorry.

    But I live in Australia and have been on the tower of terror and superman escape but not scooby doo.

    The tower of terror is awesome, for all the American readers it's almost identical to Superman Escape From Krypton at SFMM.

    Superman here in aus is an amazing ride, great theming, great acceleration and great airtime plus is a bit longer lasting than most accelerators.

  5. Piedude81

    Since I was sent here from CC’s new comment, this list is not out of date; however, the video is. 🙂

  6. Ben

    I have been on all three and they were all great!
    Scooby Doo is great for younger kids but still fun!
    Superman Escape is good for 10 or over!
    Tower of Terror 9 or over


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