Fire Burns Down Haunted House @ Six Flags America

Haunted House Burns Down at Six Flags America
Six Flags America, located just east of Washington DC, has had its share of accidents in the past few years. Riders have been stuck on the Two Face roller coaster three times in the last 2 years. And last August a girl fell from a flat ride. This doesn’t include the criminal activity that has occurred at the park.

Six Flags America Had A Haunted House?Haunted House Fire - Six Flags America
Add to that list, the fire that recently burned down a haunted house. Thankfully, no one was injured. Before moving to NC, Six Flags America was my closest theme park, but I couldn’t remember it having a haunted house until I saw the news footage. If you’re familiar with the park it’s right next to Roar. It was kind of thrown up for Fright Fest in October. During the rest of the season you probably didn’t even notice it was there. So while it stinks that the park has completely lost this attraction, it’s not a year-round true haunted house gem like Knoebels Haunted Mansion.

With all this bad luck for the park I have to start wondering if the Redskin curse is spreading to Six Flags. Things have gotten worse since ‘Skins owner Dan Snyder gained control of the theme park chain. No matter what great players they get on their roster, they can never seem to put together a great season. It all stems from that hateful team name. OK honestly, I don’t believe in curses, but I’ll take any chance I can to take a shot at the Redskins.

Check out Washington DC’s ABC affiliate WJLA’s coverage of the fire: ‘Fire Engulfs Haunted House Attraction.’ The local news site doesn’t quite have the video embedding capability working right, so here’s our news correspondent Julian0197 from YouTube with an on the spot report:

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