Historic Park Surprises With Two World-Class Coasters
Knoebels Amusement Park
Elysburg, Pennsylvania
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Last Visit: August 2003

Knoebels Amusement ParkKnoebels is small amusement park located in the middle of Pennsylvania. It’s a homey park with a very traditional feel. Like other independent amusement parks, admission is free. Guests pay for ride tickets per ride or buy a pass for unlimited rides on everything. This is perfect for the family that has members that don’t ride, but still want to enjoy a trip to the park. Rides start at 70 cents per ride with the roller coasters costing around $2 per ride.

Notable Rides & Attractions
Knoebels Haunted MansionKnoebel’s is packed with classic rides from a log flume to amusement park staples. The park offers a variety of flat rides both old and new. The Grand Carousel is classic ride from another time. It has an organ, antique horses, and a brass ring that riders can try to grab as they zoom by it. The park’s most notable ride is the Haunted Mansion. It’s one of the most critically acclaimed dark rides in the country. It was named the top dark ride for 5 consecutive years by the Dark Ride and Funhouse Enthusiasts. Read my full review of the Haunted Mansion.

Theming & AtmosphereKnoebels Twister View
Rather than the movie or super hero themed areas found at modern amusement parks, Knoebels’ charm is its homey amusement park feel. The park is in a very rural part of Central Pennsylvania and it’s surrounded by lush green mountains. The view from the top of the Twister was memorable and I’m sure the Scenic Sky Ride would be even better. Situated in a low lying area in between the hills, a creek runs through the park and trees offer shade and beauty. I will say that the amenities left something to be desired. The flip side of not being a large corporate park was the sub-standard bathroom I remember near the Twister. At least that’s how it was back in 2003.

Coaster Breakdown – An Impressive 1-2 Punch of Wooden Coaster Excellence

Phoenix – Traditional Wooden Coaster – 9.0
With insane airtime and overall fun ride, Phoenix has become a favorite of enthusiasts all over the World. It’s over 20 years old and still ranked #4 in Mitch Hawker’s Internet Poll and #5 in the Golden Ticket Awards. Read the full review.

Twister – Twister Wooden Coaster – 9.0
Twister is an excellent wooden coaster with, as the name suggests, a twister layout. Read the full review.

High Speed Thrill Coaster – Steel Kiddie Coaster – N/A
This coaster has one of the most ironic names. I skipped it because it was so small and by today’s standards this is more of a kiddie coaster.

Flying Turns – Wooden Bobsled Coaster – N/A
This throwback to the original bobsled coasters by the same name looks to be quite fun. When it’s completed it will allow the park to boast a unique attraction that fits in well with feel of the park. It’s been delayed a few times, but hopefully it will open soon. Check out these Flying Turns constructions photos.

Past Roller Coasters
Whirlwind – Steel Looping Coaster – 6.0
Whirlwind was a Vekoma double corkscrew looper. It was short, but fairly smooth. It was moved from the park in 2004 to a park in Costa Rica.

Knoebels Coaster Q.Q.M.
Quality – 9/10
Quantity – 3
Mix – Poor

Enthusiasts Get There Index – 3 out of 4 (Enthusiasts Should Make a Trip)
Knoebels doesn’t have a vast arsenal of thrill rides, but the roller coasters that are there are world-class. Phoenix is probably one of the 10 most popular coasters (among enthusiasts) and Twister is top notch as well. With the addition of a unique wooden bobsled coaster, Flying Turns, Knoebels is with out a doubt a park enthusiasts should not miss.

General Public Get There Index – 3 out of 4 (Worth the Trip)
Knoebels is the perfect cure for anyone who is tired of the crowded, expensive experience found at the larger theme parks. You just need to know what to expect.

What’s Your Take?
Do you have any questions or comments about Knoebels? Leave a comment below. Some images courtesy of Melissa Boyd.

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10 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    High Speed Thrill Coaster is actually a great small ride. Most enthusiasts will tell you that it's one that you shouldn't skip at Knoebels.

  2. The Coaster Critic

    When I go back to Knoebels I'll give it a ride. Thanks for the advice!

  3. thecoasterdevel

    HSTC was so fun it p&&%es me off that thay are takeing it out!!!! I only got to ride it one #$!*en time!!! The roller coaster they are putting in it's place better be @$!*in good and i mean good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Digger

    Just got back from a wonderful day at this great park. No parking fee, no admission fee, dogs welcome, plenty of shady places to sit and people watch, a beautiful pool, and safe enough to let the kids go off and do their own thing. For the price of one admission anywhere else, a whole family can have a fine time here.

  5. Coaster Crazy!

    Oh, trust me that coaster is better! It has curves that are banked! Not like that old hstc! And it is longer because instead of haveing just air-time hills it has i helix then it goese on 2 air-time hills but if you sit in the front car you get some air tume when you pull in to the loading platform!! Ya, and the tracks purple, and ot to menchen flatter! And the cars are orange. The coaster is called kozmos kurves. And knoebels has a good reason for takeing hstc down: because bleve it or not hstc was over 50 years old! Ant hstc was starting to fall apart! Trust me it would not be fun to ride a coaster that fell apert when you were rideing it!!!!!! Oh ya and "kozmos kurves" Tahes you arount the track 3 times befor finaly stopping.

  6. Coaster Crazy!

    You got that right, digger. The park is safe, i never got one thing stollen like you would at disny world, the park has alot of rides, trhe food is good, and the park has some pretty rocken roller coasters!

  7. Quil

    actualy coaster crazy, knobles will be getting the golden nugget from kennywood, which wilol be renamed tha black diamond, tunrs out it will be a steel coaster and not a woodie like i said in the actual post.

    • Judy P in Pgh

      As far as I knowk Kennywood never had anything named "Golden Nugget" except for possibly a refreshment stand.

    • CoasterFreak118

      golden nugget was at moreys piers and is now operating as black diamond and kozmos kurves replaced hstc they are both currently operating both at different spots in the park


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