Take A Spin on Goliath – The Jewel of the SouthEast
Goliath - Six Flags Over Georgia Goliath is a towering hyper coaster built at Six Flags Over Georgia in 2006. It may mark the end of an era for Six Flags. Newly appointed CEO Mark Shapiro pointed at the $20 million roller coaster in an interview and said “No more of those.” The year it was built Dan Snyder and Mark Shapiro assumed control of Six Flags. They planned to steer the large theme park chain to more family friendly rides and attractions. Goliath towers over Austell, Georgia at 200 feet (roughly 20 stories). Like other Bolliger & Mabillard hyper coasters it offers large camel back hills, a buttery smooth ride, and speed.

Goliath’s station had some type of neo-50’s theme. The roller coaster’Goliath - Six Flags Over Georgias name speaks to the chains continued uncreativity. A la, it’s big, we’ll name it Goliath. Not to mention the name is used at several other parks. Anyway, I got to the park on Wednesday morning, June 4th. I bought my season pass (that I’d be using later for my trip to Magic Mountain) and headed straight for Goliath. It was a walk-on and I was able to by-pass the now mandatory lockers for storing bags & other loose items. The small crowd that had gathered in the station was quickly dispatched thanks to Goliath’s 32 passenger, 4 across, ultra-comfortable trains.

Politics in a Theme Park?
The ride op soundedGoliath - Six Flags Over Georgia like he aspired to be a club D.J. He had the station hyped up with and screaming ‘yeah’ on cue. I appreciated the active and fun ride op until he gave an inappropriate shout out Barrack Obama for clinching the Democratic nomination. There was a weak smattering of applause in response likely from the Georgia Tech and University of Georgia students. I think most, like me, were wondering why this guy brought politics into a theme park. He was young like most ride ops and obviously didn’t know any better.

Goliath – The Trip Out
After boarding the comfortable trains, Goliath makes its twenty story climb right over the pathways in 50’sville. There’s a great view of the surrounding area and then the first 170 foot drop. As usual, the drop was much better in the back of the train as it makes the relatively (compared to other hypers) short drop feel much longer. The second drop is actually 5 feet longer and then the 3rd offers some excellent floater air time. At the bottom, the train flies close to a pond below and you can really feel the ride’s speed. The train climbs up once again to set up a great downward helix. The unorthodox helix has a ‘down the drain’ feeling and pulls some great g-forces. It trumps sister coaster Nitro’s upward helix by a mile.
Goliath - Six Flags Over GeorgiaGoliath – The Trip Back
The next hill drops the train by some trees that the park was smart to keep and next is the highlight of the ride. The train rises back up and does a quick overbanked turn to the right. It a much short overbanked turn than Nitro’s hammerhead, but it’s very effective. You feel as if you’re going to be dumped into the pond below. After, the train traverses a number of bunny hGoliath - Six Flags Over Georgiaills with decent amounts of air. The final bunny hill drops the train right into the station brakes. Goliath is a solid hyper coaster. It’s not only the park’s best roller coaster, but arguably the best coaster in the South East (south of Virginia). We’re lucky that it was built before the Snyder-Shapiro rule. Final Rating 9.0 (Excellent)

Intense Roller Coasters - For Adventurous RidersGoliath is rated ‘IN’ for Intense. It’s a 4 out of 5 on my Thrill Scale for of its height and speed.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Goliath at Six Flags Over Georgia? How do you think it matches up to other hyper coasters? Leave a comment below.

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32 Responses

  1. Quil

    that`s beacause they`re all about themeing. but they did make toy story. it would be funny if they made a woddie called woody.

  2. JaMeS

    that's even cheesier than all the goliaths, no offense. they should re-do one of the thunder mts. and make it wood. that would make it more realistic.

  3. no@h

    This ride is VERY good. For it being my first B&M hyper, it was very good. It rides nice and smooth, and has comfortable lapbars. The overbanked turn is my favorite part of the ride especially if you are in the inside of the turn. Also, the bunny hills at the end are fun and provide some airtime.

  4. Trent

    I liked this one more than Goliath at SFMM and even Diamondback, it just had better/more airtime

  5. Eddie

    why only a 9? In my opinion, I'd give the nod to Goliath over AC

  6. M A R I E

    Goliath is my personal fave at SFOG. If they didn't have it, would i go back? Yes i would. Batman, Superman, Mind Bender, Acrophobia, ETC.

  7. Matt

    Goliath is a good ride. However, it didn't deliver as much airtime as I thought it would and I must say I liked Nitro better. Goliath was also a bit shaky on the bottom of the second drop and thrid drop. Not rough by any means, but just not as smooth as apollo or nitro to me. Also, I experienced something strange after the helix when sitting in the back of the train. Just for two seconds, all I saw was blue. It didn't last long at all, and it passed quickly and I was fine and continued riding comfortably afterward. Do you think it was a blackout? It didn't last long at all and I saw blue not black and I was fine afterward.

  8. Joey Till

    Really really enjoy this ride. Raging Bull at my home park looses speed. Raging bull is a great ride and one of my favorites, but Goliath which does not even have a mid-course brake, has the speed Raging bull needs. Goliath is an airtime machine and with every hill, you should get atleast a little pop. Apollos Chariot and this one are my two favorites for BndM hypers.


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