Kings Dominion Gets Two New Flat Rides for 2009

Kings Dominion Gets Americana Ferris WheelLast year, Kings Dominion received the B&M floorless coaster Dominator from the defunct Ohio park Geauga Lake. Now, Kings Dominion will get two new-ish flat rides for 2009. Cedar Fair is harvesting the Americana Ferris wheel and a swinging pendulum ride called El Dorado from Geauga Lake.

Some think that it’s hard to believe that this is Kings Dominion’s first Ferris wheel in it’s 30-plus years in existence. But there are many modern theme parks about that are about the same age Kings Dominion without the those amusement park staples.

What’s Your Take?
Are you glad to see these two rides coming to Kings Dominion? Leave a comment below. Image courtesy of CoasterImage.

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  1. DoD3Brian

    I've never been to Kings Dominion but I'm glad to see that they're adding in some flats. It seems that a lot of major parks today seem to pass up flats in favor of a roller coaster, or even get rid of flats to plop down a coaster and then not replace them. I think it's important for a park to have an at least decent flatride collection; they typically appeal to a wide spectrum of guests and can help cut down lines for more popular attractions.

    Six Flags Great Adventure should take note!

  2. The Coaster Critic

    Good point Brian. I typically sleep on flat rides, but they do help to round out amusement parks and cut down on lines for the bigger rides.

    Thanks for reading.

  3. MissDa1

    I am 1 of those coaster lovers but I think the El Dorado looks fun. Kinda like a happy medium for the scared & daring. Glad it has been added to the line up. The Ferris wheel is a good ol' favorite just like the carousel. I give them a try when I visit.

  4. rollercoasterdude

    Yes, I agree. I am glad they added some flats, like the ferris wheel. It is hard to believe after 30 some years, they've never had a ferris wheel. First, it looks nice and you can ride it with your kids or older parents. Second, it adds to the overall attraction to an amusement park. Third, it does cut down on lines at other rides. And lastly, "it spends my head, right round, right round, when u go down, when u go down-down."

  5. Nick

    El Dorado – horrible service. Ok. my family and i are waiting in line and we get up to the nice attendant, Zach, and he says, "sorry, next ride." We said ok and waited. Nothing like being first and getting to choose your seat. Once allowed to enter the female worked, Rokesha tells us we have to sit in the middle because, and i joke you not, "we need to balance the weight". WHAT ??? balance the weight? The ride holds 40 but they only allow 20 on. I ask the customer service folks and they said, "oh yeah, it's like when the pilot on an airplane asks you move". I said I have never been asked to move, and further i am not going to ride any ride at KD that requires some high school to do complex physics in his head to "balance the ride". He made me very nervous sitting the two overweight women behind me!

    Come on KD – get it together!

    • Quil

      okay, now that`s just stupid, balance the wieght? seriously, how light are the cars?

      • Coasterluva97

        you can't even sit where you want! it's sooo s-t-u-p-i-d. good part is (if you're facign the right way) it's fun to watch x-treme skyflyer from the top! and on americana, you can see EVERYTHING. you can even see the pieces of hypersonic XLC! and volcano and I305 look super cool, especially at night!

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