Six Flags America Teases Big Announcement

While it’s a little late for 2009 announcements, Six Flags America (Largo, Maryland) is teasing a big announcement on their Facebook page.  So, what could the announcement be?

Could We Finally See Ultra Twister at Six Flags America?
I’d be really surprised if the announcement is a new roller coaster, unless it’s Ultra Twister. I haven’t been in years, but I didn’t think that Six Flags America had the attendance to support another large new attraction, but maybe they do. They just sold Two Face so it would make sense to replace it.

Ultra Twister was a TOGO pipeline coaster that started out at Six Flags Great Adventure and was later moved to Six Flags Astroworld before the park closed in 2005. Since 2006 the coaster’s been in storage in a field (picture) at Six Flags America.

Enthusiasts may argue that Ultra Twister was an old and not very popular coaster, but the general public will have no idea that it’s an older ride from another park. Plus, Six Flags could refurb it like New England’s Superman Ride of Steel makeover. All they need to do is slap on some relevant 2009 movie related theming and they’re good to go.

Other Possibilities – B&M’s Yellow Mysterious Track
Although the Facebook page is hyping this as a BIG announcement, I’d be that this will most likely be another small park improvement. Something tied to the return of that creepy old man Mr. Six or the addition of new live shows. It’s just too late in the season for a major ride for 2009 in my opinion. It’s not impossible for a new ride to open later in the season, it’s just not common. The most outlandish theory on the ‘Net is that the mysterious yellow B&M track outside of the B&M factory is headed to Six Flags America.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think the big announcement will be? Do you think it will be a major ride or something small? Leave a comment below.