Phantoms Revenge at Kennywood - Pittsburgh, PA

Kennywood’s Phantom’s Revenge was originally the Steel Phantom. In its first incarnation, the Phantom was created in 1991 during the height of the ‘Coaster Arms Race’. That was back when amusement parks were vying to be the home of the World’s Tallest Roller Coaster. Steel Phantom couldn’t technically claim the title with regards to height, but the coaster’s second drop down a  natural ravine was the longest in the world at 225′. After the record setting plunge, Steel Phantom traversed four loops. Read more about Steel Phantom. Later, the coaster took a new form when it was reborn as Phantom’s Revenge in 2001. The loops were removed and replaced with small bunny hop hills and the Phantom took on a more traditional hyper coaster layout.

Phantoms Revenge's Second Drop

Phantom’s Revenge opens with a 160′ climb that grants you an awesome view of the area. Kennywood is a beautiful amusement park situated on a hill overlooking the Monongahela River and Pittsburgh. The swooping first drop is fun and then the train climbs up once again as it sets riders up for the drop of a lifetime. Phantoms Revenge’s claim to fame is it’s breathtaking 225′ drop down a natural ravine and through Thunderbolt’s support structure. The train reaches a top speed of 82 mph as it dives above and below Thunderbolt’s track. Passing through the supports also offers a great head and arm chopper effect. This landmark is the 8th longest drop in the world and easily one of the most memorable coaster moments I’ve ever experienced. Read more roller coaster moments.

Great Coaster Reviews

The legendary drop is followed by a climb and a turn. Then the train dives into a quick tunnel. Unfortunately, the finale was a bit of  a letdown. To be fair, I haven’t ridden Phantom’s Revenge in years, but I don’t remember the bunny hops being all that great. I’ll never know, but I think I would have preferred Steel Phantom’s looping layout. Still, Phantom’s Revenge is a landmark roller coaster not to be missed. Final Rating – 8.5 (Great Approaching Excellent)

What’s Your Take?
Are you a fan of the Phantom’s Revenge? Have you ridden both the Steel Phantom and Phantom’s Revenge? Which did you prefer? Leave a comment below. Image courtesy of CoasterImage.

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  1. Wyatt

    Actually the bunny hops provide a lot of airtime. and there is no photo on the phantom

  2. The Coaster Critic

    I need to make a return trip to Kennywood. Like I said, it's been a long time since I've ridden Phantom's Revenge, but I don't remember those bunny hops being all that fun. Is it more like floater air, ejector air, or both?

  3. Daniel

    I rode this last Sunday with my 12 year old…very nice coaster….we rode in the very front and in the very back….I thought the back gave a super ride and I did get some airtime that I didn't get on the front. I like the way the park is laid out and I thought the Thunderbolt was one of the best woodies I have ever experienced. Overall I would put Phantom's Revenge in the top 5 coasters I have been on to this point. Next month it will be a trip to Hershey Park!

  4. mike

    A ton of ejector air at the end from what I remember.. I have ridden the coaster every year since its opening. My number one coaster, granted I haven't ridden SROS at SFNE, but have ridden millenium force and Appolos charriot

  5. Matthew

    The second drop on this coaster reminds me of the first drop Goliath at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Most drops usually curve in then curve out at the bottom of the drop, but look at the video. The second drop is just straight. It doesnt curve at all just goes straight down just like Goliath

  6. Melisa

    LOVED the loops and corkscrew! Bunny hops are cool but the loops and what it was before soooo cool and wild! Loved it! Bring it back!

  7. Anonymous

    This just in today!

    I don't know where to put this, but look!

    Check RCDB under "New for 2010" and you find…

    New Coaster for Kennywood!






    It will have a 90 degree drop and feature an LSM launch system.

    The name has not been decided.

  8. Anonymous

    While I'm employed ;), I'll say Holiday World is anouncing the world's longest water coaster, Wildebeast. It's not on RCDB, so I don't think it is acually a coaster, but it's still interesting.

    Source is Coaster Grotto.

  9. PittsburghResident

    I've ridden both coasters, having grown up in Pittsburgh Kennywood is my "home park". The Phantom's Revenge is more intense than the original Phantom, mainly due to the removal of the collars. The old ride had the over-the-shoulder harnesses which restricted movement and made you feel firmly planted in the car. The new one has the lap bar and not much else which REALLY gives you the feeling that you could easily fly out of that seat at any time.

    The old Phantom was jarring and it gave MANY people a headache, the trick was leaning your head back and relaxing your neck muscles a little instead of straining against the g-forces.The new one definitely avoids this.

    The most intense part of the ride is still that infamous second drop. When you crest that 2nd hill you have an excellent view of the valley in front of you, the river at the bottom, and the rest of the city beyond, you cant really see anything under you which truly gives a sense of being suspended in mid-air, and when the seemingly almost STRAIGHT DOWN drop begins your stomach is in your throat.

    I personally preferred the old Phantom, the inversions were a lot of fun, but for a sheer adrenaline rush and smoother ride the Phantom's Revenge is an improvement, and still one of the most intense rides in the country.

  10. Frank

    I was at Kennywood two days ago and rode the Phantoms Revenge. I planned this trip months ago (I'm from LI, NY) and was so looking foward to riding this. It is a good ride, but I got off feeling a bit dissapointed. The second drop down the ravine over the Kennywood classic Thunderbolt was great and the view was spectacular, but the rest of the ride was nothing too special to me. One of the bunny hills towards the end of the ride was a bit too rough as it flowed into another one and the ride length seemed way too short, but all in all its a good hypercoaster.

    • jonah

      it is a great ls ride like you said it is a little shot though thats becaus it goes 85 mph and if you sit in the back it is rough i live right across the street from kennywood literaly i can see the phantom and the pittfall from my window i walk there i went to kennywood all my live and the phantoms revenge is my favorite roller coaster ever

  11. Kris

    The airtime on the bunny hops depend on where you sit. If you sit in the front or back, you get ejector, it you sit in the middle you get floater. It's as simple as that.

  12. london

    Hay, i love the ride!!!!! just the lines are so slow

    i wait for hours.that can be speed up a lot.

    other than that, love it.

    • jewell

      i agree with you. i think its kinda slow too, especially on frightnight. but other than that, its super!

  13. eric

    This ride is my #1 coaster currently. It's got the most amazing drop ever and those final bunny hills are like… nirvana to me (if that makes any sense).

    I remember riding it multiple times, and every time I went on it was incredible. I loved flying out of my seat when the bunny hills came up. It wasn't too intense, which I loved, and it wasn't too short either, which I also loved.

    It's just a spectacular coaster; you Pennsylvanians are lucky people. California doesn't have anything this amazing.

  14. Jacob

    To truly enjoy the ride, you need to ride it in the very last seat. The bunny hills become at least twice as powerful and the shot through the Thunderbolt is much more intimidating. Although I love it, I must say, it's starts to get old on the 25th time riding it.

  15. Lev

    I think the finale is EXCELLENT on this ride – plenty of airtime and a swoop around the tumblebug. One of the great moments on the way back is a little double dip – a tribute to the Jack Rabbit perhaps? – that gives some cool airtime. It's not something I remember seeing on another steel coaster. Just rode it for the first time recently…give this one a 9.5, it's among the best few steel coasters in the world.

  16. Ian

    You must have totally forgotten about how much more enjoyable a ride is without restraints. The Steel Phantom was a really rough ride and banged both sides of the head and hard.


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