Superman Ride of Steel Goes Bizarro?

Superman Versus BizarroFor the most popular super hero of all time, Superman┬áhas the absolute worst villians. His best villain is easily Lex Luthor and he’s just a criminal mastermind constantly after real estate (see the plots for the Superman, Superman 2, and Superman Returns movies). So as Six Flags New England announced an upgrade for the best steel roller coaster on the planet, then repainted it purple and created a faux-company site called Clawshun Industries, all signs pointed to a Lex Luthor-themed coaster.

Now, SFNE Online has uncovered the new theme via a Dunkin Donuts coupon. Apparently, Superman Ride of Steel will be re-themed as Bizarro. If you’ve never heard of Bizarro, don’t worry, you’re not alone. He’s apparently the product of a dupliation ray experiment gone wrong. You know how those can go. I remember him from the 90’s Superboy live action tv shows. He could match Superman in strength, but had much lower intelligence. He had white, rocky skin and Superman costume with a backwards ‘S’.┬áThere better be quite a pre-show experience because I doubt most of the general public will have any idea who he is since he hasn’t been featured in any of the films.Bizarro Superman @ Six Flags New England | Dunkin Donuts Coupon

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of the new Bizarro Superman theme? Also, check out my full Superman Ride of Steel review to see why it’s my top-rated roller coaster. Leave a comment below.

UPDATE – Read all about the Bizarro Coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure>>>