Prowler Opens at Worlds of FunAnother weekend and another 2009 roller coaster makes its debut. On May 2nd, Worlds of Fun’s (Kansas City, MO) new Great Coasters International woodie, Prowler, opened to the public. CoasterCommunity was there for the media day on Friday and they have some great photos and reviews.

Jason from CoasterCommunity reported that the Prowler is fast with some surprising moments of airtime. He also said that because of its twisted course, it’s hard to know what comes next. He points to the second hill as a highlight with air that “threw me right out of my seat.” Every train came back to the station with applause and Worlds of Fun had live wild cats there for the event like the live snakes I kept a safe distance from at the Carolina Cobra media day. Check out CoasterCommunity’s full Prowler coverage.

Prowler does look to have a really fast and twisted course. Here’s a POV video of the Prowler at World’s of Fun:

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of the Prowler POV video? Are you planning on going to World’s of Fun to ride Prowler? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Anonymous

    I'm inclined to agree-airtime machine! (this is off the video, not actually riding the ride)

  2. jjhobo

    You guys over the pond are so lucky, us Brits dream to have a tenth of the amazing costers you have, especially the woodies. We have I think 6/7 operation woodies in the whole of the UK and the last one that was built was megafobia in 1996, when are we gonna get some of these amazing woodies that you guys have been getting. I wish we had rides like this, el toro & the coasters at holiday world etc.

    Well i guess i can dream, or take a trip to America!

  3. Geez

    OMG 😀

    Man, I'm extremely surprised!

    It strangely exceeded by FAR how high the early CGI pov raised my expectations! The real thing is so much more twisted!

    Now, I really have to ride this beast some day. I mean… wow… look at all those sick twists and turns saturated with airtime hops and super steep drops! I especially like the second drop. It really wasnt expecting it to be so sudden and steep. Great surprise for first time riders! Well… like so many others in the layout 😀

    Amazing ride! Probably the most well paced Ive ever seen. Well, one of the most, certainly O.O

    Thnx Gravity Group

  4. Matthew

    2 words: speed and air time. Thats what a wooden roller coaster is all about

  5. SamusLife

    I finally got to ride this beast last month. Truly one of the best woodies ever built. GCI's coasters are so well made. This beast is one surprise after another no matter how many times you ride it. We first rode this coaster early in the day time. Extremely pleased with it's track layout, Millennium Flyer trains and overall aesthetics. Do yourself a favor – ride this coaster in the day and then ride it again in the dark. It's a whole other beast at night time when you can't see what's coming at ya! WOW!

    Prowler is a huge success for World's of Fun and should help in bringing the park back to it's status as being one of North America's premier park destinations.

  6. DC

    Looks like a tasty morsel to sample. Judging from the video, it looks to be an airtime treat. I'll be glad when this depression eases and I can get back to traveling and riding all of the new goodies as well as reacquainting myself with some old favorites.

    Ideal vacation = The entire summer spent traveling coast to coast and across the borders and hitting every coaster on the way. Icing on the cake? Traveling first class on the train wherever possible, then chauffered in a luxury RV from park to park. (My Granddad told me "Never dream small. It's a waste of time!)


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