Terminator Salvation: The coasterSix Flags Magic Mountain’s Terminator Salvation coaster is coming along well. The track work appears to be about complete. The LA Times Funland Blog has a first look at the ride’s trains. And ThemeParkReview has construction photos.

Also, the LA Times announced details on the roller coaster’s $1 million in theming which will include a pre-show starring Common and Moon Bloodgood.

While waiting in the queue, riders will be encouraged via video clips featuring Common and Bloodgood to “join the resistance” and help fight the Terminator robots.

Common, who plays a soldier named Barnes in the movie, and Bloodgood, who portrays pilot Blair Williams, will explain the key points of the movie’s plot while laying out the ride’s back story.

During the “training session,” riders are warned that the “machines are coming” and to “go to the safe house” to await further instructions.

The “safe house” in this case will be the coaster loading station, which will be filled with movie props and memorabilia including Terminator robots. Once riders complete their training, they become “resistance fighters” and board the roller coaster.

With the pre-show and on-board effects, Terminator’s theme may just work after all. I was worried that a woodie themed after killer robots from the future was a mismatch, but this million dollar effort might do the trick. Read all of my Terminator Coaster posts.

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  1. Steve

    I rode Terminator Salvation last night at a preview event. Have to say left me wanting something more. Luckily, since it was a preview day there were no lines. The outside queue is similar to Batman, lots of broken down cars etc. The inside pre-ride loading area is well designed however the video with Common and Blair Williams is horribly acted. Maybe Common should have played a robot because that is how his lines sounded. The ride itself is good, but not anything different from other wooden roller coasters out there. I found that sitting in the back produces better airtime and a generally better ride. Overall I give the ride a C+.

  2. The Coaster Critic

    Thanks for the review Steve. I'll have a post with some more information on the ride up soon. Sounds like overall it was at least a good addition to the park.


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