Terminator Defeats Dark Knight, In the Theme Park WorldTerminator Salvation at Six Flags Magic Mountain
When it comes to movie-themed roller coasters, Terminator Salvation may have the opposite fate of 2008’s Dark Knight. Of course the Dark Knight movie was critically acclaimed and may go down as the best super hero movie (really, it was a crime movie) of all time. But the two Dark Knight roller coasters were hammered with negative reviews all last summer on the blog. You can find about 30 or so angry rants and reviews here, and also several more here.

Enter Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Terminator Salvation The Ride. It’s another Christian Bale led movie with an accompanying roller coaster. Except this year, the movie is getting panned with only 33% positive reviews on RottenTomatoes.com while the coaster is getting some good early reviews.

See the brand spanking new Great Coasters International woodie in action, with this Terminator Salvation on-ride & POV video from Robb Alvey of ThemeParkReview:

Brady MacDonald from the LATimes Funland Blog gave Terminator Salvation a somewhat mixed review. He called it a must ride when visiting Magic Mountain and that it ranked up there with Goliath, Tatsu and X2. But he also still considers Colossus his favorite wooden coaster at the park.

Robert Niles from ThemeParkInsider was a bit dissapointed with the ride’s capacity, but then stated: “But Terminator Salvation’s already become my favorite ride at Magic Mountain. Filled with giddy fun and smart story-telling, this is a ride not for a thrill junkie, but for a theme park fan.”

I’m a huge fan of tunnels (or covered sections in this case) and I think that they can add a lot to a ride. There seems to be a few moments of airtime, but since it’s a twister I wouldn’t expect too much. If it’s anything like Dollywood’s Thunderhead, which it looks to be, then Terminator may be the best wooden coaster the West Coast has to offer.

What’s Your Take?
Are you excited about Magic Mountain’s latest addition? Have you ridden Terminator Salvation The Ride? What’d you think? Could Terminator Salvation be the best wooden coaster in the West? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Joel

    It was as lame as the movie. They could have made it much more thrilling in the vein of El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure. No real air time and the drops are minimal. Colossus is better.

    • Evan

      I'm going to disagree, the ride has a sh*t load of airtime. Yeah, El Toro is one of the best woodies in the world but then you realize it is an Intamin, which pretty much guarantees an awesome ride every time. Terminator Is a very unique ride even though they took all of the Terminator branding off of it..Still a great ride. And Colossus is starting to hurt my back now and I'm only 15.

  2. The Coaster Critic

    Joel, first of all, you've got a great name! Second, Terminator Salvation is a twister, so it's not going to be airtime packed unfortunately. Brad LATimes Funland Blog agrees with you. I guess the speedy, twisted course doesn't do it for everyone. Heck, I'm more of airtime guy myself. Maybe I should hold off on calling it the best woodie in the West.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Jake

    I have to respectfully disagree with Joel. Terminator is very fast paced, thrilling, has some nice air time pops and is SMOOTH. Something that can not be said about any other wooden roller coaster in the Southern California area.

    I have been on all but one wooden roller coaster in California, and Terminator is hands down the best.

  4. Joel

    While I agree that the ride was quite smooth, when your initial reaction at the end is 'eh', I can't recommend it. As I said before, if you want some really good twists and some great speed, try El Toro at Six Flags in Jersey. That ride is just awesome. The best woodie I have ever been on. Even Viper at Six Flags in Illinois is a better ride than Terminator. I can't comment on west coast coasters too much as I have finally made my way out here for the first time. I just would not recommend waiting in line for more the 30 minutes for this ride.

  5. Thrillerina

    Looks pretty fun and fast. I'd still prefer El Toro over this though.

  6. Tom

    Mmmmmmmmm… I like this ride. It's smooth, fast-paced, and has some good pops of airtime. The preshow was fun and interactive, and a good way to lead up to the fun ride. I wouldn't call it the best in the west (I live in the west so I should know,) but I can't think of any better wooden coasters I've been on. I would say it's tied with El Toro.

  7. Donte

    I agree with Joey. El Toro hands down is the best wooden ride ever drop after drop twist after twist..its awesome. Terminator is one for the kids. Smooth twist and turns are nice but where is the thrill. and Take away the name and props and what do you have…NOTHING!

  8. Surya

    I rode it in front first, and was very disappointed. I rode it again in the back, and it suddenly had a lot of airtime that was very enjoyable. So I like it!


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