BrainRush: Game Show on a Roller Coaster

BrainRush: Game Show on a Roller Coaster
This Summer on Cartoon Network you can watch unsuspecting park guests get thrown into an impromptu game showBrain Rush - Game Show on a Roller Coaster while riding a roller coaster. The concept is a lot like Discovery Channel’s Cash Cab, only instead of being driven around the busy streets of New York City, contestants are being flipped upside-down, launched from zero to 80 mph, and subjected to g-forces all while answering questions.

BrainRush airs Saturday nights at 8PM EST on the Cartoon Network. It looks like the entire season was shot at Knott’s Berry Farm near Los Angeles. From the clips and the episode I’ve seen, contestants progress through levels on three of the park’s roller coasters. On Level 1 riders take a spin on the Vekoma boomerang coaster called Bomerang. Level 2 ups the ante with B&M inverted coaster Silver Bullet. And finally Level 3 launches contestants on Xcelerator.

I think this video’s kind of annoying, but it’s a popular video so maybe you’ll enjoy it. Here’s a video of one of the contestants freaking out while riding Silver Bullet:

The guy’s a bit too entertaining, so I wonder if he was a plant. It’s kind of a neat idea. But now that there’s a quiz show on a roller coaster, I’m waiting for the roller coaster quiz show. Theme park Jeopardy anyone?

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