Volcano Coaster Causes UFO Over Kings Dominion

Volcano's Eruption Causes UFO Above Kings DominionVolcano Coaster Produces UFO & Garners National Attention
I’m a little late on this one, but recently a UFO was spotted hovering over Kings Dominion near Doswell (rhymes with Roswell), Virginia. The ring shaped figure hovered over the park for about ten minutes. The UFO sighting received national attention and it was even featured on CNN. The park and many regulars to the park have explained the phenomenon as a ring of smoke produced by the frequent Volcano: The Blast Coaster eruptions.

I can vaguely recall a brief ring of smoke rising from the Volcano after the fiery eruptions. But it was always really short lived. I guess when the atmospheric conditions are just right, the ring can remain intact. The UFO was seen for a full ten minutes causing park guests to marvel at the strange sight.

Well, the mystery’s been solved, but judging from the local and national attention you google ‘kings dominion ufo’ this was a hot topic for a day or so. Check out the footage that made its way to CNN:

Volcano: The Blast Coaster Review
Volcano’s a great coaster. It’s an inverted launch coaster sending riders up and out of the mouth of a ‘live’ volcano. I gave it an 8.5 (Great) out of 10. Check out my full Volcano: The Blast Coaster review including an on-ride video.

What’s Your Take?
Were you there when the object was floating over the park? Have you seen this ring of smoke hovering over Kings Dominion? Leave a comment below. Image courtesy of CoasterImage.