Kennywood Announces New Launch Coaster for 2010

Kennywood Adds New Launch Roller Coaster for 2010Kennywood Announces 2010 Launch Coaster
This one came out of nowhere. Today, Kennywood (located near Pittsburgh, PA) announced their 2010 roller coaster. The yet-to-be named ride will be a steel launch coaster with a 0 to 50 mph launch in less than three seconds launch and three loops. Here’s a description of the new ride from the park’s official press release:

Kennywood’s new launch coaster will feature many exciting and unique features including three inversions and a 0-50mph launch in three seconds! After the high-speed launch, riders will experience a vertical ascent to 95ft before a brief cliffhanger pause at the top and a 90-degree drop into a maximum G-force pullout. The riders then enjoy extended airtime as the train races into an inverted
top hat element, passes into a barrel roll and goes vertical again through a twist up leading to another pause.

Riders experience a second vertical free fall followed by another maximum G-force pullout on the way into a highly banked fan curve. After a traditional corkscrew, a curve to a zero gravity hill, and a series of wave turns, riders finally return to the station. –Kennywood Amusement Park Press Release

My Take on Kennywood’s 2010 Coaster
I’m excited to hear that Kennywood is going to add a new roller coaster. Their last new coaster was the spinning indoor coaster, Exterminator in 1999. Kennywood is definitely back on my radar for parks to visit next year. It’s a park that could definitely use some loops as it’s been loopless since Steel Phantom was transformed into Phantom’s Revenge in 2001.  The loops were removed and replaced with little bunny hills making the ride more in line with a traditional hyper coaster.

Kennywood has posted a promotional videothat includes some POV footage. The new coaster was designed by launch coaster pioneers Premier Rides. They’re responsible for coasters like Flight of Fear, the Italian Job Stunt Coasters, Batman and Robin: The Chiller, NASCAR Cafe’s Speed, and the insanely popular Revenge of the Mummy coasters. With that kind of track record, the new ride should be strong.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Kennywood’s new roller coaster? Any suggestions for the ride’s name? Leave a comment below.