Xcelerator Accident @ Knotts Berry Farm

Xcelerator Accident at Knotts Berry FarmXcelerator Accident @ Knotts Berry Farm
In a pretty scary accident, a cable on the Xcelerator at Knotts Berry Farm snapped injuring two riders. Making the incident even worse for the Los Angeles area park, a video of the accident was posted on YouTube and it’s “gone viral”. Xcelerator is a launch coaster sending riders from 0 to 82 mph in 2.5 seconds. Immediately after the launch, the train ascends a 205′ hill. In the video, you can see the train launch and begin to climb until the cable snaps sending debris into the air. Then, the train falls backwards and back into the station.

Here’s the video of the accident:

The riders look scared and I don’t blame them. Luckily, they weren’t seriously hurt. It’s eerily similar to the Kentucky Kingdom incident that severed a girl’s feet back in 2007. That accident was caused by a cable coming loose on a ride by the same maker as Xcelerator, Intamin. Here’s the official statement from Knott’s Berry Farms:

Buena Park, Calif. (September 16, 2009) – Two guests were transported to the hospital today when a cable came loose from the Xcelerator roller coaster at Knott’s Berry Farm. The incident caused lacerations to one 12 year old guest who came in contact with the cable. A male adult guest complained of back pain. All other guests were asked for a statement and released.

More from the NBC Los Angeles News. Also, read about past roller coaster accidents and see more photos of Xcelerator.

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