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The Avalanche at Kings Dominion is located in the Congo area (oddly enough) at Kings Dominion next to Volcano mountain. It’s a fun family coaster and one of the few bobsled roller coasters around. Bobsled coasters feature chutes or half pipes without fixed tracks like most roller coasters. This allows the bobsleigh-like cars to move freely as if they were sliding on ice like in a real bobsled course.

Unlike Disaster Transport at Cedar Point, Avalanche seats two riders per car with one person sitting in between the legs of the first rider. It can be a cozy or awkward ride depending on who you’re riding with. Often people ride alone for that reason. The cars are appropriately themed with Winter Olympics-like decals for countries like Sweden, Germany, France, & the U.S.

The ride begins with a climb next to Volcano mountain. The first drop is shallow, but just enough to give the train some speed as it traverses a wide downward helix that’s pretty high off the ground. After the wide helix, the train enters a brake run. Avalanche begins pretty tame, but after the long straight brake run, things get interesting. The train dips into a twisted side-to-side section that produces some pretty strong g-forces for a family coaster. Towards the middle of the section, the trains twist right over a waiting area allowing for a great photo op (see picture above). Also, in one of the last few transitions from left to right (or right to left, I don’t remember), there’s even a brief moment of airtime.

Considering bobsled coasters are pretty rare, and the ride’s theming, and fun g-forces, Avalanche is a solid family roller coaster not to missed if you’re ever at Kings Dominion in a group with guests who like tamer rides.  If it were a little bit longer it may have earned a 7.0. See the rest of my rating scaleFinal Rating – 6.0 (Above Average)

Traditional Roller Coasters - Fun For AllAvalanche is rated ‘TR’ for Traditional. It’s a 2 out of 5 on my Thrill Scale.

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  1. Quil

    Bobsleds are rare, aren`t they? I`ll put a review of the Alpine Bobsled up on the Forum ASAP.

  2. Judy P in Pgh

    This coaster was tame enough for my son to ride when he was only 4 years old. I liked being able to wrap my arms around him … sense of control for a mom, I guess. He thought it was exciting without being scary and I found it to be fun enough so as not to be boring for adults. "The boy" is visiting with me this week and, at 6'5" tall, I'm glad I don't have to share a bobsled with him any more!

  3. Ed South

    Another nice thing to note about Avalanche is that it's friendly to "bigger" guests. While the safety restraints on most roller coasters prohibit people of a certain size from riding, the Avalanche has nice roomy cars/sleds that allow plus sized individuals a comfortable ride.

  4. MarvelMaker

    I actually found this ride to be very bumpy and uncomfortable, but I sort of like the bobsled in the Congo section. I can't believe they're putting Intimidator in the Congo!

  5. Schwarz

    considering that this is the only bobsled ride I have rode (unless you count disaster transport) I found the ride very fun and unique. It is defiantly a great family ride. Also I guess That volcano mountain used to be covered in snow and thats where the avalanche came from!

  6. rob leax

    I rode this with my daughter back in Aug 09, Even though I rode Disaster Transport and the old Sarejevo at Great Adventure, I was surprised how much fun it was. The last 1/2 of the ride was great. Too bad when we were there it opened up at 12noon instead of the 10:30, otherwise I would have rode it a few more times.

  7. Quil

    They moved the one at SFGAdv to TGEsc where it`s now known as the alpinew bobsled, has a realy cool paint job and is comlpleteley surrouned by trees naerly haging off the edge of a ravine.

  8. gstarr

    I have always liked this ride. I remember waiting in line for an hour the year it opened. Even now, if you go to KD when school is open and there are lots of school field trip amusement park attendees, you STILL may have to wait an hour!! Not bad for a "family" ride!!

  9. Matt

    Avalanche was really fun. It even scared me a tiny bit because it looked like i was going to fly off the track. It was smooth, fun, and wild. It is MUCH BETTER than disaster transport because it is open. I give it a 7.5


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