Roller Coasters on the Move in 2010

Everyone does a ‘New Roller Coasters List’ (my official Top 10 of 2010 is coming up), but what about the new-ish roller coasters. Quite often there’s a shell game happening behind the scenes with rides and roller coasters being swapped, recycled, re-themed, and given a new life at a different park. Just like used cars, or should I say ‘pre-owned’, they’re new to the new park’s guests even if they aren’t technically brand new. Here are some of the roller coasters that have been relocated and are set to open this year at a new amusement park.

Mr. Six’s DanceCoaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain
Mr. Six’s DanceCoaster was just announced earlier this week, but it had been referenced by the park months ago. The rumors about its origin seem to be correct. The DanceCoaster is a rescued Hurricane Katrina survivor from the now defunct Six Flags New Orleans. It’s a Vekoma family coaster with some modest dimensions. The coaster itself isn’t a big deal, but the fact that it is Magic Mountain’s 17th roller coaster tying it with Cedar Point as the most in the World is noteworthy. Read more about Mr. Six’s DanceCoaster.

Six Flags Great America Saves Little Dipper
Six Flags Great America (Gurnee, IL) is saving Little Dipper, a historic wooden roller coaster from nearby Kiddieland Amusement Park. Kiddieland operated in the Melrose Park area for 80 years until it closed earlier this year. Little Dipper is a Herbert Schmeck designed pint-sized woodie that has operated at Kiddieland since 1950. It has been awarded ACE Coaster Classic status due to its classic design with its curved station, lever dispatching system and old-school trains with single position lap bars. Read more about Little Dipper.

Raptor Clone Orochi Moves from Japan to France
Cedar Point’s popular inverted coaster Raptor has a long lost twin that thrilled Japanese riders from 1996 to 2007. It’s been standing, but not operating for a few years and now it’s been moved to Walygator Parc in France.  The ride was formerly called Orochi which is a ‘mythical Japanese dragon with eight heads’. Walygator went with the less imaginative ‘Monster’ moniker.

Orochi was located at Expoland, a defunct park that was the site of a deadly derailment on Fujin Raijin II a TOGO stand-up coaster in 2007. Several coasters are still at the closed park. Thankfully, the Japanese government has toughened inspection standards since the accident.

La Ronde Gets Shelved Vekoma SLC from Defunct AstroWorld
Serial Thriller thrilled riders at Houston’s AstroWorld from 1999 to 2005. Since the park closed Serial Thriller was shipped to sister park The Great Escape (New York) and had been sitting in a field (pictures) for years. Now, it Thriller will be dusted off and likely re-painted before it debuts this year at LaRonde in Montreal, Canada. Vekoma’s rides have a knack for traveling. See Thunderhawk, Infusion, & Carolina Cobra.

Wild Adventures Gets Jack Rabbit from Celebration City
Parent company Hershend decided to close Celebration City (Branson, MO) in late 2008. Several rides remain, but the steel family coaster Jack Rabbit is on the move to Georgia. Sister park Wild Adventures will get Jack Rabbit, but no word yet on Celebration City’s other coasters. Read more on the Jack Rabbit’s move to Wild Adventures.

Six Flags Over Georgia’s Deja Vu Resurfaces in Brazil
Mirabilandia will is receiving the giant inverted boomerang that was Deja Vu at Six Flags Over Georgia. Deja Vu was one of my favorite boomerang coasters, but I hear that it and its clones have maintenance problems.

Relocated Roller Coasters Opening in 2011
Chang’s Move to Chi-Town Area Park, Great America
Recently, Chang moved from Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom to Six Flags Great America recently. Chang won’t likely open until 2011 during the company’s anniversary season in which we could see a lot of movement. Word is that the park chain had many parks sending rides from one to the other as gifts during the last major anniversary. It would be cool if Six Flags somehow let guests vote on which roller coasters the parks received. Anyone up for a roller coaster draft?

Black Diamond to Debut at Knoebels in 2011
Golden Nugget’s a themed-family coaster that’s been sitting idle at Dinosaur Beach (Wildwood, NJ) for ten years! Knoebels is going to breath new life into the ride, much like it did with the acclaimed Phoenix. It will reopen as Black Diamond in 2011.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of theme parks relocating or buying used roller coasters from other parks? Do you know of any other relocated roller coasters re-opening in 2010? Leave a comment below. Images 2 & 3 courtesy of CoasterImage.